Opinion for November 21, 2011

So here is Rose’s first full on blog – and the first thing I’m going to do is bitch.


It appears that you’re turning your back on the local metal, rock and punk scenes all together. Yes, a club managing acquaintance of mine put it in perspective… “You have to do what it takes to fix the roof, pay the bills, and keep the power on.”

It breaks what’s left of my dark little heart to realize that this actually means that Club Firestone is shutting out all of the shows that don’t make as much money at the door, or at the bar. Hence your not-so-slick little conversion to a dance music only venue. Yeah, like Orlando needs one more pick up place for those over 21’s with cash to get dressed up, drunk, and disgusting.

I totally get the business end of things – the local metal scene in particular is a younger crowd – not old enough (nor legal enough) to spend tons of money at your bar. Not that I’m encouraging people to go to shows simply to get inebriated and stupid;

BUT MAYBE what’s really disturbing me is that more of us “over legal age” metal heads, with a couple of dollars in our pockets and no where to go, aren’t out here supporting the local musicians. Aren’t these newer bands our future? The way I see it, what was begun a generation or two ago……is alive, kicking ass….and crushing onward to the next level!

WHY is it that people get mired in the past…. and never want to evolve beyond the music that they had in high school?

Okay…. Maggots, Korn Fanatics, and Machine Head followers; you’ve all come of age and can go out without permission now……so where are you?!? I just saw a thousand or two at Korn last week.

And you know anyone that will come out for Metallica or Slayer is old enough to drop a dollar or two, and could spare some time to check out the local music.

There is Native Noise and the local stages at Earth Day Birthday and Mayhem Fest…..but, it’s not quite enough. I’m hoping the Haven doesn’t change, and I’ve heard rumors that the Plaza Theatre and the Beacham are where a lot of bands will be playing now.

 Just saying that Orlando has a lot of good shit going on , and I hate that people who claim to love the music aren’t out supporting it so that places like Club Firestone don’t have to turn on us.


And speaking of good shit going on……Motivated by Silence unleashed their Taking the Breath of Giants on November 19, 2011. This CD is clearly brutal…a must have! I missed the release show, but definitely plan to see them again real soon. Check this out….

Had a chance to catch up with these guys at The Haven on November 18th. It’s been awhile since I last caught a show (September 11th), and was happy to see that the change in guitarist hasn’t been a bad thing at all. I sensed a renewed energy in their set at this show. Rafe stepped in and provided a certain cohesiveness that the band may have been missing. While still doing their originals i.e. “Audible Colors”, the newer songs like “Victim” clearly show that the band is getting their feet under them and are more than ready to turn out bigger and better stuff in the new year. I will definitely have some video to post from the next show I catch.


I saw Another Life Spared for the first time when they shared the stage with AED at the Haven this week. I am so excited about this band….I don’t even know where to start! I’m actually going to put this opinion on hold for my next blog and go listen to them a few more times…….


Machine Head – Locust

Born of Osiris – The Discovery


December 10, 2011 – Florida Metal Showcase III – wherever Camden Cruz re-books the event*

January 7, 2012 – Florida Metal Showcase Armageddon – wherever Camden Cruz re-books the event*

*Thanks to Firestone Live for making these shows temporarily homeless*


4 Responses to “Opinion for November 21, 2011”

  1. Jenna Perez Says:

    Rose you are awesome! ❤

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