November 29, 2011

In the aftermath of Thanksgiving, we’ve decided to reflect for a moment on this most honorable, yet hypocritical holiday. This writer would much prefer a discussion on the post-Halloween rotting pumpkin corpses on the front porch or the ritual New Year’s burning of the Christmas tree in the backyard…..but alas, it is the week after Thanksgiving…..and this is my two cents worth of bullshit on the subject:

Rose did not partake in the annual gorging on too much food and drink, and laying about watching football, mindlessly proclaiming her “thanks” for all the things she’s acquired in this life. Instead, we worked and watched people, and thought about all this sappy, pre-meditated thankfulness.

The original holiday was a celebration of abundant harvest and harmonious relationship between two newly introduced cultures. Awwww……such a nice idea. Ironically, the lovely dinner party would be followed by three centuries of forced submission and near extinction of the indigenous peoples at the hands of the imposing foreigners they once hosted.

Thus proving two things; (1) We are all inherently part good and part evil, and (2) There is nothing tangible that can not be lost or taken away from us.

There are many light hours and many dark hours in each life. What we should be thankful for is that we have these hours at all, to collect our experiences and acquire memories. These are the things that can not be taken away from us.

Wherever it is that we all go from this dimension, I’m sure it’s not going to matter how much stuff we owned, how much money we made, or how important a title we held. In complete agreement with Cory Taylor’s words , “Because in the end, everything we do, is just everything we’ve done”.

And I believe that we will be held accountable……..


(by the way, love this band’s name and logo artwork)

As promised, Rose has been listening to more of Another Life Spared. Their tracks “Flatline” and “Dirty Girl” are testament , that while still new and in need of a touch more confidence and power, Jennifer Perez’ melodic and almost haunting voice blends with the primitive growling of Will Hayes vocals in a most intriguing and dark way. Check out their facebook or MySpace pages to hear what I’m talking about.

According to the band’s bio, Another Life Spared was formed in 2010 and has seen several changes in members since their birth. From this listener’s perspective, the current line up of six works so well together that the band will soon be leaving their own unique imprint on the music world.

If I were to liken them to any other group, I would say it would be The Agonist. Granted this Canadian band has been around a few more years and has had time to mature, but Another Life Spared is a band on the rise. We need to encourage them to come on over to Orlando more often, and when they do… sure to go see them.

After discovering Another Life Spared….we have continued on the path of listening to bands that include a strong female lead. Check out my next blog for comments on a few of  the ladies triumphantly holding their ground in a music scene dominated by the boys…..


Children of Bodom – Relentless Reckless Forever

Revocation – Chaos of Forms

SHOWS THAT ROSE WANTS TO SEE….. (and you should too)

December 1st – Mastadon and Red Fang at the House of Blues

December 2nd – Orlando Metal Awards at The Haven

Also  December 2nd – Staind and Seether at the House of Blues

December 4th – White Chapel and The Devil Wears Prada at the House of Blues

Also December 4th – A Brilliant Lie at Will’s Pub

December 9th – Orlando Metal Awards at The Haven

December 10th – Motivated by Silence at The Haven

Hoping that the bands out there will feel free to post their upcoming dates and locations…….We can’t know where everyone is  playing without your help!





6 Responses to “November 29, 2011”

  1. Hahaha, I never noticed how dark we are before. There are rotting pumpkins on your porch and we do burn the tree! I think there are still some Halloween decor up still. I hate seeing people that say they have nothing to be thankful for based off of material posessions. You are right, it is not about that.

  2. Wow. I admire your recent blog about Thanksgiving. the truth and horror of it all. More like lets be marry and slaughter day.Ironic and sad about the true history of this holiday, seems as thou American history camouflages the truth by glorifying this holiday with self indulging in turkey and football. Hiding away the true manifest destiney just to win over the Amerika’s from the original native owners.One day I want to tell my daughters the real truth about thanksgiving but that has to wait:) I was looking forward in smashing pumpkins in the streets! I am interested in watching Another lifes spared, I will go with you when they play again if it is on my off nights..

  3. After my visit to my family from California, I do remember my families golden advice.” Be thankful for the sentimental things in life, rather than the material things”. although we do need money to make ends meet upon our daily lives but the true value is the sentimental meanings that enriches our souls and makes us more alive. I know I lived as a materialistic selfish person in the past but I am now living my life as a family man

  4. which makes me a better person married With Children, which was a great show with Al Bundy. We as humans continue to live our lives upon this social structure. We need to work,eat,sleep, and tend to get caught up in the vicous cycle of routines, but in the end of the day we need to remember who we are. What makes us happy/ What feeds our interest? We just need to do the things we love to do.

  5. thank’s for this blog.

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