And so this is Christmas…..

And so this is Christmas

and what have we done?

Another year over….and a new one just begun…..

and you probably know the rest.

(thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Lennon)

Rose is definitely ready to bury the fetid remains of 2011 and watch the birth of a kicking, screaming, New Year.

Will 2012 bring the Armageddon?…..hmmm….not in our opinion, but that’s another blog.

For this week, we have a few reflections on music and life this past month…..

While pondering the pagan beginnings of some of the best-loved Christmastime traditions, we rekindled our fascination with the Christmas tree. Every since childhood, at least once during the season of the tree, we take a few solitary hours just to stare into it and meditate. Pagan ritual, or just a fascination with the bright lights in the midst of the darkness?

It is known that the ancients in the Northern Hemisphere celebrated the winter solstice on the shortest day of the year – December 21 – to honor the Sun’s healing and regeneration. Encouraging, light and life to return to the Earth with the Spring. Hmmm… the rebirth of the Sun / the birth of the Son? Quite the ancient, worldly coincidence isn’t it?

It is also common history that people, including the Vikings and the Druids, honored nature and warded off evil spirits by decorating their homes with hearty evergreen boughs and holly,

Oh, is that a wreath hanging on your front door?

Of course, the early Puritan settlers in the Americas thought all of this was evil pagan nonsense and tried hard to keep it a somber occasion. It was those wild and crazy Germans that began bringing trees into their homes and decorating them for the season. And when the hard partying Germans and Irish folks got here, Christmas actually became a celebration of food, drink, music and life in the New World.

Excuse me sir, is that a tree inside your house?

Humans are such beasts of contradiction! Whatever! Be it pagan, Christian, or something in between this is what it’s about for us:

Holidays with the Family

We all live in our individual day to day netherworld

But on special days we come together as one

Put all else aside for a few days of the year

For the good of the family unit and our inner self

Reminding us that collectively we are stronger than our demons

Reach out for the ones who care

Even though they don’t know your demons, they know you

And give you reason to hang on, and moments to enjoy in a most difficult life

Pity those who have no family…..for they are alone with the demons that devour them

*Music this Month*

TransSyberian Orchestra

This year we had the opportunity to experience Trans-syberian Orchestra live at the Amway Arena in Orlando.  This group of 34 musicians, vocalists, and showmen provided one of the most amazing shows we’ve ever witnessed.

Most of the members have history in ’80’s and ’90’s hair bands, enhancing their theatrical talents and hot long-haired men in opera tails visual.  But much much more than that TSO provides the perfect merge of screaming guitar riffs, demon drums, and melodic symphony orchestra.

In a quote from Paul O’Neill, borrowed from TSO’s website:

“I wanted to take the very best of all the forms of music I grew up on and merge them into a new style.  Basically I was building on the work of everybody I worshipped: the Rock Opera parts from bands like the Who; the marriage of classical and rock from bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Queen; the over-the-top light show from bands like Pink Floyd.”

O’Neill states that Rock Theatre was born in 2004 with his project, Night Castle.  This writer disagrees…… (while the technology wasn’t as cutting edge in the “70’s), the credit for grandfathering Rock Theatre goes to Alice Cooper.

Ah, Alice…another icon whose show we experienced this month.  But that will be another blog.  (So much music to blog about…and so little time!)

Back to TSO;  we respect that they made no apologies about wishing everyone a merry Christmas.  Screw political correctness, if you have issues with Christmas music you shouldn’t have been there.  The message is in the music, not what congregation it came from.  Who, but Trans-syberian Orchestra can take some of the most revered traditional Christian songs and rock the hell out of them!?!


While this short blog doesn’t do justice to the masterful artistry of TSO.  We must move along.

We also had the opportunity to spend some quality holiday time with Phat Chance.  Check out PHAT CHANCE’S COVER OF TSO’S “CAROL OF THE BELLS……… 

This is a really kick-ass cover from this local five member band.

You have to hear this local band’s cover of TransSyberian Orchestra’s “Carol of the Bells”

Look for commentary and (hopefully) some interviews with Phat Chance in 2012. 

With the New Year, Rose intends to offer her comments and review twice each month. The format may change a bit, the subjects will be random and ranting, but always focusing on music and life in the only way she knows how; with a slightly tainted outlook and her own damned opinion.

We welcome new readers and artists to comment and give us your opinion.


One Response to “And so this is Christmas…..”

  1. R,

    Met you at Haven Saturday, 032412. Anxious to see how your pics turned out and see what your observations of the night are. I hope to meet you again.


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