ith our head still buzzing and our ears still ringing, this week’s offering will be more about where we were and who we heard this past weekend.  Probably, a welcome departure from our usual cynical commentary.

Camden Cruz Entertainment produced a killer Florida Metal Showcase at The Social on Friday the 13th.  While The Social is small, too dark and smokey, (enough with the fog machines aleady!), this club is still a comfy little cave richly embedded in downtown Orlando history.  The drinks are decent, and the bartenders most congenial.  

 This was the first downtown show headlined by An Effigy Distorted.   By the way, happy anniversary you guys!  This band has come a long way since January 2010.  Bass player, Topsy Kret has literally come out of the shadows and now attacks the stage with an insane energy.  The whole band exudes a new confidence, rightfully combined with their awesome original music.  They tore up the stage at The Social, debuting their new song “Roadhouse”.   Looking forward to an EP release party soon……

 Arriving late as always, we missed From Empires to Ashes who opened FMS VII.  But, I’m certain we will catch up with them in the near future.  We were happily introduced to the music of Catcher and the Rye and Wake Up Atlantic. 

 The guys from Catcher and the Rye are full of amazing amounts of raw energy and some really good tunes.  While Wake Up Atlantic is a good solid kick-ass band.  Should see more of both in upcoming shows. 

On Saturday night, we were invited to the House of Blues for a return engagement of LoveJuice, and our friends from SoulSwitch; with Amberlin and NuEra.  (Thanks SupaDave and Crash!)  In all honesty, we were initially resistant to a band with deep connection to a major radio station; but, in support of our friends we go to see LoveJuice again.   And just like the New Year’s party  SupaDave, Crash, Sir Chad, Sir Jeff, Jason and Mitch deliver a good time with their self-described brand of  “southern beach rock”.  

 And the reason for the season – SoulSwitch’s release of  their new “As It Seems”.  While they played favorites “Control” and “Possession”  from their 2008 EP, the new CD is good, really good. It’s still in my CD player….. and I’m still listening.

The upcoming show at 321 Local in Cocoa on February 4th, with SoulSwitch and Another Life Spared plus a bunch of other local bands should prove to be a great night.  We’re gonna do our best to make it out to Cocoa for that one! 


 Just Another Rose Opinion on life …. (alright, I had to throw some kind of opinion in here this week) This one is about an interesting  incident that Rose is trying  to forget;  her recent witnessing of a cotillion, or debutante ball.   Of course, Rose was not on the guest list.  She was only the lowly shadow creeping about the fringes of the ballroom.  

The dictionary definition of “debutante” is:  “a young woman of upper-class background who is presented to society, usually at a formal ball, or a young woman regarded as upper class, wealthy and of a  frivolous, snobbish social set”.

We have to be honest here, with all its pomp and circumstance, this debutante cotillion was the single most boring event EVER witnessed.  Good lord….where’s the band already!?!? 

Really? Who comes up with this crap And how dare the “frivolous, snobbish social set” think themselves better than those of us who prefer to lurk around in the dark? The gift wrapped bat under my Christmas tree made much more sense ……. At least my  preserved bat, pays homage to the life of a truly interesting and beautiful creature. 


 News for you Spooky Empire fans  (Oh come on, you know you’re out there!) 

Spooky Empire’s May-Hem weekend will be May 27-29, 2012 at the Wyndham Orlando.  And, The Ultimate Horror Weekend will take place at the Hilton Orlando October 28–29, 2012.  If you’ve never been to one of these flat out, party-your-ass-off -weekends, are a fan of all things horror, and some really good music…..check out their website.  For all of Rose’s not quite dead friends, I’m sure  “the zombie walk” will still take place on I-Drive to kick off the ultimate horror weekend as it always has in years past.

Shows Rose wants to see  (and of course, you should too)

January 22, 2012  –  A Brilliant Lie at Back Booth, Orlando

January 27, 2012 – Spawn of Thirteen at OCSA, Kissimmee

February 4, 2012 – SoulSwitch and Another Life Spared at Local 321 in Cocoa

February 10, 2012 – An Effigy Distorted, Wirethrone,  and a ton of other bands for Florida Metal Showcase VI at the Brass Mug in Tampa


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