Metal and the 7 Deadly Sins

Here’s an opinion born of reading Corey Taylor’s book and several recent conversations with friends and loved ones…. We all have self-destructive tendancies, mostly because we are all damaged in some way.  That’s just part of being alive.  If you are strong enough to live through the most destructive phases of your life, you need to take what you have learned and move onward.  Appreciate and examine the times in your life that sucked so you can really savor the times that are good.  There is a point in your life when you no longer have the right to be self-destructive.  This point happens when you’ve made yourself  important in the lives of others who depend on you, i.e. once you’ve committed to a relationship, and/or once you’ve brought new lives into this nasty old world.

Speaking of self-destructive tendancies….while we  rarely find time to actually read a book, we are completely engrossed in Corey Taylor’s “Seven Deadly Sins”.  If you read one book this year, make it this one.   We can’t say enough about how brilliantly Corey writes, using his own experiences to dissect the Big Seven and show how each “sin” is just an  integral part of being human.  He sheds light (or darkness) on what you can learn from each of the Seven, and where people go wrong with them.   This is not just another book about “Oh poor me, I was an abused child, turned rock god and now I just can’t help my self-indulging ass”.  This is truly a work that if read with an open mind can only help you to examine your own life.    

This past Friday night, we visited the Plaza Live in Orlando for an awesome show with Midsummer Fire, Empyrean, and Eluveitie.  I have to say this venue makes us dream of finding and abandoned movie theatre and making it our own.  This 1963 double-screen movie theatre provides tons of space in the theatres to accommodate big crowds and a pit, the sound is good, and there’s lots of room in the lobby for merch tables, the beer and wine bar, and to chat and chill with friends.  Added bonus, it’s easy to find and lots of good parking!  Plaze Live…. we hope you book lots more local metal.  So, who needs Firestone?

It is definitely our opinion that Friday night shows should start LATER…..once again, we missed the opening band.  Our apologies to Midsummer Fire…..will catch up to you soon.  We do know you are appearing next at the Haven on February 24th.

Empyrean was the second band to take the stage….by storm.  This is an amazing metal band that Orlando had better be proud to call their own.   Listening to Resurrection Engine while writing, we have to say that whether you are listening live or recorded, Adam’s vocals are surprisingly melodic one moment and crushingly brutal in the next.  Resurrection Engine, released in 2009, is an artfully developed concept work; whereby we are introduced to the possibilities of some sort of technology that can connect the living with those on the other side.  The lyrics are well thought out and intelligently written.  Since this CD was released, the band has gone through several changes in members.  It appears everyone except the Adam and Mike DeLancett have changed.  But having seen their show this past weekend, we are confident that the shift in players can only mean better things are heading our way from Empyrean.                              

A most impressive and endearing display of character from the band was the total “What the f#*k?!?!” way in which they handled a few technical difficulties at the beginning of their set.  They forged ahead with an appropriate balance of  humor and disdain for the interruption until all was made right and they were ready to thunder on.

After the show we had a moment to chat with Adam, who is a very cool guy, and very willing to spend a minute or two talking with the fans that came out to support them.  And Whitney, if you read this post…you’re the best.   Thanks for the tips on camera equipment!  Next time we will surely meet you at Oblivion….

Eluveitie closed the night brilliantly.  There is just no excuse for us having missed this band for so long.  Seeing Eluveitie live for the first time is like an epiphany.  These are eight of the most talented individuals we’ve ever seen, and eight separate entities that come together precisely as one in the most explosive way you can imagine.  The sight, sound, and sheer magnetism pulls you in until you are completely engulfed and nothing beyond the music matters. 

We have nothing but the highest respect and reverence for the skill in creating new music with age old instruments.  No matter how good technology gets in duplicating sounds, you can’t replace the human heart and soul it takes to kick enormous ass on the bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, mandola, fiddle, and various flutes and whistles so artfully played by Eluveitie’s members.

“Everything Remains As it Was” will remain in the CD player for a long time to come.  Looking forward to the upcoming release of Helvetios, which should be out in February.  Hoping that this troupe will make the trek from Switzerland back to Central Florida again in 2012.


Mayhem Fest announced it’s line up and dates.  Slipknot, Slayer, White Chapel, Anthrax…..and god knows there will be some brutal local bands on hand…….we will definitely be there (and you should be too…..)

 And here’s an invitation we just received from our friend Fenris Ulfhamr of Fields of Glass…. Awww, what a sweet Saturday night Valentine date this would be.

But, seriously the zoo and the animals need our support just as much as our local music does.  If you can make it, or help out….it would be a very cool thing to do.  That’s this Saturday, February 4th at the Central Florida Zoo.

 ‘Til the next opinion strikes..keep reading…and send us your  news and opinions.  


3 Responses to “Metal and the 7 Deadly Sins”

  1. Jenna Perez Says:

    Rose is right Corey Taylor’s book is sweet I have a copy myself. I have had the pleasure of seeing Empyrean and they are pretty sick sadly haven’t seen Eluveitie live yet but I plan on seeing them next time they are here. The Plaza Live also sounds awesome too can’t wait to check that place out for myself.

    • Hey Jenna! Thanks for your comments. Corey is a brilliant guy. Tons of respect to anyone who can pull themselves out of the shit and make some sort of intelligent statement in such an ignorant world.

      ALS should def check out Plaza Live for a future show…..

  2. Jenna Perez Says:

    Agreed on that he is! We definitely will!

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