Random Acts of Bawdiness

As her readers can tell Rose loves history…. well what do you expect, we’ve been around forever…..so, it’s only natural that an old soul like ours would be as drawn to a Renaissance Fair as we are to old churches and cemetaries.  Granted a Renaissance Fair is a lot less about serious, and a lot more about fun than churches and cemetaries….but nonetheless steeped in historical (and hysterical) not quite accurate fact. 

This brings us to a field in Tampa, Florida near the MOSI (art museum) on a recent February afternoon where the jousters were jousting, the queen was being queenly, the pirates were plundering, lots of sharp and shiny swords were all around, and the Bawdy Boys were singing us from one pub to the next.

The Tournament of Fools was our first activity, where we participated as the back up for a brawling leech breeder named Pipsi.  Huzzah!  The tournament was much like life itself…..a bunch of players fighting to make it to the top of the heap, only to lose it all in the most ridiculous ways and prove what fools they really are.

Then like a pack of rats following the pied piper, we followed the Bawdy Boys on a pub crawl.  Although we laughed and drank and sang the afternoon away, the boys never really gave their names, nor could we find a complete bio on them…(hmmm are they men of mystery?) or maybe we just can’t remember.   It is obvious that this group of very talented gentlemen are proud of their Detroit Irish heritage.  And rightfully so!  The vocals were magnificent (a cappella isn’t easy), and the songs were humorous, yet clear, crisp, and close to their celtic roots.  We do insist that you check out the Bawdy Boys at http://bawdyboys.com,  MySpace or YouTube.  

While you may think that Irish drinking ballads have nothing to do with metal….we emphatically beg to differ!  Firstly, we all have a love for music and a good party in common….(enough said).  And many a ballsy metal band give a nod to their celtic or folk roots.  Have a listen to Eluveitie and Suidakra.  And to Jonathan Davis (Korn)… we raise our glasses in a toast to your bag pipes, good sir!

In hopes that we will see the Bawdy Boys again before they leave Florida this year, or as soon as they return in the next….. Sláinte!

Back (home) at The Haven

We can’t help but feel at home at The Haven.  Maybe it’s the no nonsense, no frills layout of the little place; and you’ve got the cool lady at the door, the nearly ground level easily accessible stage, the sound booth nostagically plastered with all the band stickers, a centrally located bar with good drinks at a decent price, a couple of pool tables, and good parking; or maybe it’s just because EVERYBODY plays there.  If your band hasn’t played The Haven, you need to.  

On February 23rd, we were once again at The Haven with An Effigy Distorted, Still We Rise, and From Within.  We were so excited about this show, and were not one bit let down by it.  Don’t know what happened to the other bands that were on the schedule, but the three bands who were there, definitely kicked enough ass to equal half a dozen others.

An Effigy Distorted – we know, we know, we keep blogging about this band. But, they’ve become like our favorite reality show and we just can’t stop watching.  Every time we see them, the set list is just about the same, but they always toss something a little different into it.  Maybe it’s Rafe rockin’ the Mohawk this week, or Bayliss going nuts, or some slight imperfection that sounds like it belongs there…there’s a charisma here that draws you in and keeps you waiting to see what’s next.  It’s good to see Anthony rise up from behind the drum kit now and then during their set…..yes, let the people see who’s creating all that thunder.  There are definitely awesome things in the near future from this band.  Hopefully, an EP…..so we can listen to Audible Colors, Roadhouse, and maybe My Asshole Guitarist on our way to work and school.  Check-out An Effigy Distorted’s Coronation (Instrumental version) here: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_11857369  And definitely, come out to the next show.

Still We Rise – Yes!  A new addition to our favorite local band list! This was our first time seeing Still We Rise, a very impressive alternative / metal band.  With solid music and strong vocals; the lyrics are thoughtfully written and well executed.  This is a really ambitious group of guys who seem to play all over the place.  They will be back at The Haven on March 22nd and again on April 9th.  We also heard that they are working on their first EP…look forward to hearing more about this soon.

From Within – Oh yeah, the wait was definitely worth it!   We have been paying attention to this band for awhile, but had only seen them once before and had really been looking forward to this show.  Colby, Alex, Danny, Josh and Jonathan delivered.  “For What it’s Worth” is just seriously awesome.  For a band tha’s only been in existence just under two years, they are quickly becoming a powerful presence in the local music scene; From Within has been ranked in the Top 12 Orlando bands by WJRR and has shared the stage with bands like Trivium and In Flames.  Check out their interview at TheCoreofBrutality.com.  And can we just say……we love From Within!  See you again soon….. 

Shows Rose Wants to See (and you should too)

March 3, 2012: Motivated By Silence, Entity, Straight Line Stitch, I Will BreakThee, Heroes Will Fall, The Avaita Concept, at Bombshells

March 3, 2012: Iced Earth, Symphony X, Warbringer MOVED from the House of Blues TO THE BEACHAM

March 4, 2012: Dropkick Murphys at The House of Blues  

March 17, 2012: at the State Theatre in Tampa – Metal Alliance Tour featuring Devildriver, THE FACELESS, Job For A Cowboy, Dying Fetus, 3 Inches Of Blood, and Impending Doom

March 23, 2012: An Effigy Distorted…. Somewhere in Cocoa with Another Life Spared…will let you know where as soon as we do!

March 24, 2012: Scytherium, Fields of Glass, In the After, Modus Operandi at The Haven

March 30, 3012: The Spring Mutila Tour at The Haven…. From Within,  White Arms of Athena, A Night at the Chalet, Worlds Within Us, Entity, Labrynth

April 14, 2012: Earth Day Birthday 19 at Tinker Field in Orlando, FL

May 5, 2012: Team Cybergeist Cinco de Mayo!  I Will Break Thee, Lit Up, Another Life Spared, An Effigy Distorted

Until next time…..


6 Responses to “Random Acts of Bawdiness”

  1. Jenna Perez Says:

    Dude I wanna go to a Renaissance fair! 😦

  2. Jenna Perez Says:

    I’m gonna have to! Oooo and we are playing at the Haven May 5th with Team Cybergeist love! 🙂

  3. Hey. It’s one of the mysterious Bawdy Boys! Thanks for the story and the fun that day, love. Always a great time. We are still touring around Florida so come catch another show!

    Cocoa Beach Pirate Fest

    Live at The Sloppy Pelican
    St. Pete. Beach

    ALSO Every Thursday night at Crowleys in downtown St. Petersburg. 269 Central

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