Metal Alliance Tour; Getting There Was Half The (Fun?)

ROAD TRIP! to St. Petersburg, FL on March 17th for the Metal Alliance Tour.  We do love road trips!  Especially when the travelling companions are as diverse and entertaining as the two guys we travelled with.  The big bald dude kept smashing his head every time he got in the car.. heh heh.. we found that quite amusing.  Of course, there was the obligatory stop at McDonald’s on the way out (maybe there were two stops) because of course, NO ONE thinks of food or bathrooms BEFORE you get in the car.   Metal was in the air all the way….mostly Lamb of God and The Faceless.   We discovered that a GTO gets its best gas mileage at a steady 100-110 mph. YES! Love that car!  Made really good time, until we were slowed by the car fire on the Tampa Bay Bridge.  Too bad, it appeared to be a really nice classic car before it set itself ablaze.

And once we got to Central Avenue in dowtown St. Petersburg, I remembered that there are a million parking lots there that no one is allowed to actually park in.  This makes no sense St. Petersburg!  You’ve got two concert venues across the street from each other, and you expect everyone to park on the curb?  Why not open up some of the lots and charge a couple of bucks per car?  The memory of a trip here about a year ago to the Local 662 with An Effigy Distorted comes to mind….we only left the vehicle and trailer for a minute to see where load-in was, and returned to find the vehicle already hooked up to a tow truck!  WTF?  The band could have lost all of their gear….that’s just wrong!

This time, it was the State Theatre.  This is a great old historic building, originally built as a bank in 1924.  The 6,000 square foot interior was a really large place at that time.  After the first bank, it was home to a refrigeration company, a second bank, and numerous smaller companies, until it was transformed into a theatre in 1949, and then later to a concert venue.  For a building that began as a bank, it’s comfortable and can hold a ton of people.  The lobby boasts two bars, with good drinks and good bartenders.  The front of the building is just classic old-school bank/theatre.

Ths show had as brutal a line-up as Mayhem Fest or Summer Slaughter, just indoors and on a smaller scale.  because of the quick strike and re-set time, it seemed that the bands did not have the amount of time they needed for set up and sound checks.  One of my travelling companions and I have been wired to see The Faceless for months, and were a bit disappointed that the sound just wasn’t theirs.  As a huge admirer of Michael Keane, it was unfortunate that the sound in this venue did not do justice to his brilliant guitar work .  However, just being there was mind crushing.  This is what Michael Keene can do….


The crowd was like one big metal melting pot of people between 18-60 years old, an endless sea of dark misfits.  They were unruly and ready to go.. a few were 86’d by the third or fourth band. (kinda stupid when you’ve paid to be here).  So, it was McDonald’s again on the way home which was sort of a blurrr at 2:00am.  But, it’s all metal and all fun and games until you wake up the next morning with a half eaten cheese burger in your back pocket (heh heh…it happened to one of us).

Until the next opinion strikes…..


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