Spring Mutila Tour and an Interview From Within

    The Spring Mutila-Tour invaded The Haven on March 30, and here’s what we saw and who we heard:

A Night at the Chalet

Who knew they had so much angst in Wisconsin?!?  If you think of it as a nice quiet little dairy state… forget about it. This “filthy Wisconsin death metal” band destroys all that nice soothing dairy cow imagery.   The band hit the stage with an explosive amount of energy and a voice from hell provided by Corey Praefke.   Looking at this band’s profile, they have played with a lengthy and impressive list of metal bands, including The Faceless, Aegaeon, and This or the Apocolypse to name a few.

Check out this A Night at the Chalet promo video from about a year ago; copy and paste to your browser, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W8ucq1HFvg


This North Carolina band came to life in 2008, and have toured with Job For A Cowboy, Between the Buried and Me, Whitechapel, Parkway Drive, and The Wretched .  The current Labyrinthe line up is Jason Mills, Jason Keating, Mark de Gruchy, Tyler Hall, and James Bumgarner.   During their set at The Haven, the band was in constant motion and delivered a raw and crushing set, which included their songs Defiance and Gutter Sludge. 

Next time A Night at the Chalet or Labyrinthe grace another Orlando stage…. we plan to be there!

******SPECIAL FEATURE*******


We are so excited to have this opportunity to chat with Alex Berger, drummer for From Within.  We definitely appreciate his positive comments on Rose’s Damned Opinion’s efforts to support the local music scene.  It is our mission to continually expand our reader base to spread the word far and wide about the immensely talented metal scene here in Central Florida. Alex, we thank you from the bottom of our rotten little heart!

We thought you guys kicked ass as always at The Haven on March 30th.  How did you feel about the show?

“We felt that this show was a good one. We played 2 new songs and we thought the crowd reacted pretty well to them. Our performance can always be better, but  overall we were pleased with how it went.”

Where and when was your first gig with this band?

“The band started in April of 2010. Alex, Josh and Colby started working on material of their own.  Around 2 months later, Joshua joined the band as the vocalist and then in October, Jonathan joined the band as bassist and completed the lineup. We started playing shows and just really worked as hard as we could to grow as a band.  The very first From Within show was at The Haven on Tuesday, November 21st. It was quite interesting to say the least for our first show.”

Who did you play that first show with?

” It was only a band show consisting of us and another band that at the time was named Rosary. They recently changed their name to Entity.”

How did you choose to play the drums?

“I chose drums when I was in 6th grade; a  friend of mine wanted to start a band and needed a drummer.  Not knowing how to play or even own a drum set, I offered to learn and play for his band.  I just kept with it and am still playing today in a band of my own with amazing musicians. I dont think I could find a better group of people to work with.”

What gear do you use?

“As for gear, Josh uses a Schecter Hellraiser and a Bugera amp.  Colby, on the other hand, uses A dean ML with a Peavey amp.  Jonathan is playing an LTD 5 string bass with a Fender amp. All of this mixed together sounds pretty brutal and clean at the same time.  I use a 5 piece Pearl drum set consisting of a Tama Snare, 3 Sabian cymbals alongside 2 Paiste cymbals. For pedals I use Tama Iron Cobras.”

Who are the band’s biggest influences?

“This band has so many different influences.  Just to mix it all up, each and every one of us takes influence from Veil Of Maya, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Suicide Silence, Soilwork, Born Of Osiris, The Agonist, The sorrow, and so many more.”

Who do you listen to most?

 “Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, Trivium, The Agonist, Architects, Bring Me The Horizion, The Faceless, Six Feet Under, Slayer, Pantera are all bands that we listen to and more.”

What was the first show you saw?

“The first show that I ever saw was Fall of Envy, Traverser, and Gorillafight all at the House of Blues. This is was made me  and my brother Colby want to start a band of our own.”

What’s next for From Within?

“Recently we decided to part ways with vocalist Danny.  There are many reasons for this to say the least, but right now we are looking for a new vocalist.  We are recording new songs for our debut album with Kyle Hoffer at Ponderifica Productions.  We have 1 show coming up and a few in the works.  May 5th at The Haven we will be playing a Cinco De Mayo celebration show, which we are very excited about!” 

Everytime we see this band, they  just keep getting better.  There’s no reason to think that they will be turning back now.  While we wish Danny all the best in his new projects, we are confident that From Within will continue to grow into one of the best damned bands to come out of Florida.                        

How do you feel Rose can best help get the word out about your band?

 “I feel that Rose is doing an awesome job trying to promote bands, venues, and is just really supportive of the whole scene. It’s people like you that we admire for their hard work! Just keep doing what you’re doing and you will help make a difference in this town.”

What do you think people would like to see included on Rose’s blog / website?

“I think it would be cool to have some video interviews so that people can really see the bands, the musicians, and Rose, for who they are”

We definitely agree video interviews would be a great addition here.  Anyone out there interested in assisting Rose in making video interviews a reality, “Leave A Reply” below.  And if you, or your band would like to give us your damned opinion in an interview with Rose, “Leave A Reply” below. 


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