FATALITY! at The Haven

The temperatures may have been close to 90 degrees, but we swear you could feel a Nordic gale ripping at the faces of the faithful as Fields of Glass once again graced the stage at The Haven Saturday night.  The more we see and hear Fields of Glass, the more enamored we become with the music, the presence, and the surreal experience conjured up at their command.  On stage this is a band of characters  much larger than life, and yet after they’ve completed their set, you will find them as real and down to earth as it gets.

While it is most certain that just one genre label can not contain Fields of Glass’ complex, thunderous sound and we are not fond of attempting to pigeon-hole a band into a specific category;  they are indeed a combination of Black Metal and Goth at its finest.  And there are some unmistakeable,  (possibly unintentional) touches of industrial and even a little psychobilly (i.e., chorus of Arise).  Whatever description you choose, there is no denying the epic brilliance in their work.

Saturday night they bestowed upon us The Last Legend , an old friend from “Origins”, along with four newer and equally brutal songs; Ultimatum, Drear’s Lament,  Fimbulvetr: After the End (F.A.T.E.), and As The Raven Flies.   Check out this video of As The Raven Flies:


They were also at Valencia’s Battle of the Bands on Thursday, April 26.  While we were unable to be at this event, we are quite sure that Fields of Glass proved to be fierce and victorious warriors against any opponents who dared to do battle with them.

Fenris, thank you for correcting us on a faux pas in our last blog about the band.  We do so love Macabre Embrace, and can’t believe we misnamed it.  (incredibly awkward moment here)  We swear we shall no longer imbibe vast quantities of wine while writing this blog.


*These amazing Fields of Glass images were captured by the equally amazing Bo Bradshaw*

Next up at Fatality!,  another of our very favorite local bands… Motivated By Silence.  It has been a while since we have been able to catch up with them, and we were thrilled to see them again. MSB never disappoints, and never fails to deliver their set with raw energy and passion for their craft.

And finally, we have a copy of Taking the Breath of Giants.  This CD is phenominal from beginning to end.   

The artfully executed final song “Taking the Breath of Giants”, blissfully sweeps you into another dimension after the guys have bashed your brains in with the first six tracks.  Every since leaving the show on Saturday night, this CD has been a constant companion from the car, to the house, to the office.  Absolutely can not wait to see what is next for Motivated by Silence.  


We have been looking forward to seeing Abdomen Canvas and Ring of Scars forever now, so to be fortunate enough to catch them at the same show with all of the other incredible bands that were part of Fatality! was nearly too much for the senses to comprehend.

Love this description of Abdomen Canvas so much we just had to repeat it here;  “A sort of Black Dhaliaesque sound that contorts into nice melodies at times and the ever-epic breakdown slowed to the dry hump of molesting the dead with low-end distortion.”  – Gravedigger Magazine  What more can you say?  Reviewing the band’s profile and a few videos while writing, this is a particularly good video from 2011.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ_HUT287Fs&feature=related

 Ring of Scars was positively brutal at Fatality! Listening to some old and new tracks while writing, and find we are particularly fond of “Body Bag”…. sort of fits Ms. Rose, doesn’t it?  We can clearly identify the dark and  brooding influences from the likes of Pantera, Hatebreed and Static X.  REALLY need to get the new and old CD’s.  Hoping we can catch their next show at the Pegasus Theatre in Tampa on May 18, 2012.   

Although it has taken us much too long to see both of these kick ass Orlando bands, you can count Rose among the many in your legions of fans. 

Druid Lord rounded out the perfect show with awesome new music from their new EP Druid Death Cult.  Here’s a video of “Crazies Must Kill”.  Druid Lord’s new works are as killer as their older stuff.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQhy2AYMQyU

Thank you again to Bo Bradshaw for lending his photos to Rose for this blog, and of course “Taking the Breath of Giants” cover art, which is what made us first take notice of Bo’s outrageous talents.  Bands out there…. you need awesome pics and artwork…. go to A Brilliant Engine on Facebook.


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