Cinco de Mayo…Part II

And the Cinco de Mayo party at The Haven continued……….with a little something for everybody.  Lit Up hit the stage and evoked the omnipotent gods of ’80’s hair bands with a few raucus covers including “Kick Start My Heart”. They’re doing the Crue proud here  They performed “Full Throttle”, a new original song written for the Leesburg Bike Fest, and “Fight For Your Right” a tribute to Beastie Boys founder Adam Yauch who recently lost his battle with cancer.  


oooooo TEAM CYBERGEIST 000000

                                     Angel Bartolotto’s Team Cybergeist with the current live line-up Sally Bartolotto, Jason Schmidt, Rick Ace, and Cassandra Calo put on one hell of a show.   Their set included “Crash and Burn”, “Self Centered”, “Everything”, “The Dream”, “Tomorrow”, “Radiation Romance”, “Right Here”, “Crisis in Me”, and a nod to Nine Inch Nails, with a great cover of “Head Like a Hole”.  We picked up a copy of How to Destroy Something Beautiful at the show; Angel’s collaberative project with some of the most awesome  artists in industrial, metal, and alternative music, and we can’t seem to stop listening.  It’s been our companion on the nightly 5k all week. Have to give Team Cybergeist credit for making us move hella faster on the trail.    

Angel Bartolotto is a completely amazing artist in every way; but, watching him on the drum kit is a show in itself.  Jason and Ace provide the guitar riffs, while Cassandra and Sally exude a megaton of  beautiful brute force with a “take no shit” attitude.  Cassie, thank you for being so gracious post set, it was great talking to you.  We look forward to meeting you again soon.  On June 2nd, you can catch Team Cybergeist in Sarasota at the Joyful Noise Music Festival.  And check out the official Team Cybergeist You Tube channel at         


oooooo MEKA NISM oooooo

  Meka Nism was up next to destroy the stage.  We can only say that we absolutely adore Ms. Meka’s stage prescence.  She is outrageous, dramatic, and superbly intense.  At one instant a tortured little girl and in the next a montrous demon explodes from somewhere deep within.  The drama so expertly provided by Meka is completely backed up by a tight band comprised of Bobby Keller, Jamess Chaos, FReeDom, and Alvin Bauer.


 The set on this night included “Tyranny Reigns”, “Pickled Plum” “Decapitated” and “Bedlum”.  Check out the audio link below to hear “Bedlum” the new single from Meka Nism’s album to be released in the Fall.

**Awesome images of Team Cybergeist and Meka Nism captured by Bo Bradshaw, A Brilliant Engine**

oooooo I WILL BREAK THEE oooooo

I Will Break Thee…. Shane Bryant – Vocals,  Justin Lunsford – Guitars,  Marc(sug-a) Sugarman – Keys, Rafiq Basaria – Guitars, Jared Golden – Bass, Daniel Blume – Drums.                                                 Whenever we go to a show with such a huge and outstanding line-up….there’s always one band that we’ve heard about but not actually had the oportunity to experience……not because they’re not out there enough…..simply because we haven’t crossed paths yet.  That band is nearly always the one we walk away saying,  Hell ya! We LOVE this band! We want MORE!  I Will Break Thee was THAT band for us on Saturday, May 5th.  I Will Break Thee seriously tore it up!  Listening to “Element” while writing this …. the vocals, percussion, everything is so brutally executed.  Throughout their songs the keyboards add depth to compliment the hard edge of the vocals…..with great melodic breaks.   The band’s bio sites Lamb Of God, Pantera, and Opeth as influences….yeah….without a doubt they’ve taken the best lessons from each and melded them together in a most perfect way.  Check out the “Irony of Humanity” video.  I Will Break Thee will be at The Haven on May 16 and The Social on June 8th.

Love this EP!  

Another killer show this weekend with Another Life Spared and Meka Nism at the County Line in Melbourne…..

More shows you will want to see this weekend;


It’s nearly time to dig up your zombie friends; ’cause it’s only 11 days until Spooky Empire unleashes the May-Hem on International Drive, Orlando!

What’s Rose Listening to now  (and you should too)

Team Cybergeist “How to Destroy Something Beautiful”                                                                                                                                Front Line Assembly “Improvised. Electronic. Device.”


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