Imitation in its Sincerest Form, A Brilliant Lie, and bit of Soul too

It’s was an interesting and eclectic music weekend.  On Friday evening, a friend extended an invitation to see Appetite for Destruction… a Guns and Roses tribute band.  We must admit we’ve always had difficulty taking tribute bands seriously.  After all, how can you sleep at night when you make a living imitating someone else’s work?   So off to the House of Blues we went with a major “what-the-fuck-got-nothing-else-to-do-tonight” attitude.  

All the way there, we kept thinking “If you’re gonna take on Guns and Roses you better be really friggin’ good at it.”  We’re still pissed off with the very unsatisfying love/hate relationship we have with the original band.  The same band that so generously gave us the hauntingly perfect “November Rain”, and then subjected us to an onslaught of ridiculous pre-school temper tantrums at the whim of their front man.  The band that wouldn’t cover for Metallica when James was set ablaze by the pyrotechnics. The band that you could never depend on to be present at their own shows.

So we went expecting nothing, even kinda giggling a little when the AfD guys appeared on stage dressed like their heros.   So, the first few songs were okay, and it was kinda nice to sink into nostalgia for a minute…. but how much longer would the songs be okay?  Well, something happened after an outrageous drum solo by the “notquitestevenormatt” dude; everything suddently kicked in to a dead on cover of “You Could Be Mine”…… and for the next hour plus, the band continued to ressurect GnR’s most glorious moments.  Did the experience transform me into a fan of tribute bands?  Um, we’d have to say, No.  But, I can’t take anything away from Appetite for Destruction. They really are good.  And I’m pretty confident that as musicians they would also be quite good performing their own work just being themselves, if they chose to do so.  If you ever have the chance to see Appetite for Destruction, we say definitely do it.


Our next adventure was to spend some quality time with one of our favorite local alternative /indie bands,  A Brilliant Lie.  It seems that I’ ve apologized to Tara a few times now for missing a show because we were somewhere out of town, or working at our “regular” job.  So we were excited to have a chance to see Tim, Tara, Zach, and Chris again.

We don’t even know quite how to describe A Brilliant Lie.  They just don’t quite fit the alternative / indie label that’s most often given them.  We think one of the best descriptions we’ve read is “think-outside-the-box-rock”.   And that is what A Brilliant Lie does.  With solid music, intelligent lyrics, and Tara’s hypnotic vocals, the band pulls you in and grabs your brain on a different level.   It’s no lie that the band has an incredibly engaging stage presence.  Whether they were 5 or 55, every person in the crowd hung on every note and every word.  And when their set ended, the crowd demanded more.


So whenever you need a break from banging you head, check out A Brilliant Lie video on YouTube, pick up a copy of “Regarding Harry Lime” and let A Brilliant Lie invade your head for awhile. 

And thank you guys for hanging out and talking a bit before and after your set.  We will see you again soon!


Okay, so here is where it gets really eclectic.  Maybe it was the Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry fighting in my head to see  who will take control, or maybe it’s the damn good wings at the House of Blues, or maybe it’s our fascination with really good old Soul music that took us into the restaurant to end the night.  A cover band by the name of Pocket Change was playing when we arrived.  Upon further research, we learned that this Motown, Funk, R&B, Soul cover band travels everywhere, and has kept their tour calendar steadily full for many years now.  And we can see why they are in such high demand!  From the Four Tops and Temptations, to Prince, and Louis Arstrong these incredibly seasoned musicians play completely live, no tracks and no tapes to back them up.  Relying only on their own pure talent from the smooth and sexy vocals to Eddie’s Hendrix-like guitar riffs, Pocket Change is a thousand levels above most cover bands.  You should catch them in a few months when they return to Orlando.


So what’s next on Rose’s calendar?  Hope to be at the The Haven for these two awesome shows:

      And then it’s on to Mayhem Fest!!  Off to New Orleans for a few days, and Summer Slaughter to end the month.  Is this a great summer, or what?  Try as we might, we can’t be everywhere; so tell us what you’re up to this summer, and who you’re going to see……


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