Wildman and the Saints and Sinners of NOLA

 JB Brock’s Wildman Entertainment put on a killer show at The Brass Mug in Tampa on Saturday, July 20th.  It seems that JB is EVERYWHERE these days, and rightfully so.  He’s quickly establishing Wildman Entertainment as a force to be reckoned with in the local music scene.  And with lineups like this show at The Brass Mug…. we can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve  for the next show!    A few pics of the madness: 




It was great hanging out with Genesis Angel of the Reclaimed Strings Project, and meeting the team from Predator Patrol.  These are two organizations that if you don’t know about…. you need to learn about them and what they are doing for our community.  You can check out Reclaimed Strings Project at http://reclaimedstringsproject.org or the Reclaimed Strings Project facebook page.  More information on Predator Patrol can be found on facebook at Judy Predator Patrol’s page.

Hope to see a ton of people at The Haven on Friday, July 27th for this show with Vital Pain, F.I.L.T.H., and (N)Ception!  


The first time we passed through New Orleans was nearly a decade ago,  and we were mystified.   This is a place  where powerful energies emanate from a few hundred years of extreme ecstacy and agony.  A city that embraces both the saintly and the wicked.

The second time through, we were horrified. It was only a few short months after a rueful wench by the name of Katrina made her infamous visit.   The city was still in mourning.


This time, the time was right.  We visited on a week when none of the decadent festivals that New Orleans is so famous for were taking place.  A time when we could experience the true flavor of the city precariously built on swamp land in a basin far below sea level.  The love these people have for the music, food, architecture, and history of their city is infectious.  There is truly an unyielding spirit here; a proven will to survive and flourish stronger than the forces of nature itself.

Our favorite moments in Big Easy….

*Discovering a Peaches Record Store!  Yes, there is still a Peaches in existence.  That wonderful vortex of vinyl and nostalgic t-shirts! The perfect crossroads where Goatwhore and Louis Armstrong harmoniously co-exist.  The manager and her sons were awesome to talk with.  We learned much about the local musicians and their struggles to sustain their craft.  

*All of the street musicians.  The curators of Jazz in all its glory.


*Sneaky Pete’s;  a 24-h0ur hole in the wall bar with the best damn bartender ever…(for remembering our drink and our name through thick and thin, and hundreds of  other patrons throughout the week).  We asked how it is that one can remember the name and drink of a customer they’ve just met and may never see again…. his simple answer “I’m a bartender, what else have I got to do.”   Cheers to you, Victor!

*Touring The Cities of the Dead;  best scenic walks and history lessons  


*Of course, the Jazz, Gumbo, Jambalaya, the Jazz, Beignets, Hurricanes…. and did we mention the Jazz?…

We welcome any opportunity to return to New Orleans…hopefully in the very near future.



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