Another Life Spared at the House of Blues

Saturday night saw Another Life Spared tear up the stage at their first House of Blues Show. It was most certainly an ALS crowd.  Everyone exploded as each member of the band came out on stage.  People were singing along with just about every song. Their command of the stage and connection with their audience is proof that Another Life Spared is more than ready to be seen and heard by larger audiences on a national level.


We have seen ALS on stage from Tampa to Orlando to Cocoa, and have witnessed the band’s growth as artists, and the increase in the number of fans coming out to see them.   And because this post is a celebration of a “first”, we wanted to re-visit our first opinions of Another Life Spared written in some of the first Rose’s Damned Opinion posts.

ANOTHER LIFE SPARED (from November 21, 2011)

We saw Another Life Spared when they shared the stage with An Effigy Distorted at the Haven this week. We are so excited about this band….don’t even know where to start! We are actually going to put this opinion on hold for the next blog and go listen to them a few more times…….


ANOTHER LIFE SPARED ( follow up post on November 29, 2011)

As promised, Rose has been listening to more of Another Life Spared. Their tracks “Flatline” and “Dirty Girl” are testament , that while still new and in need of a touch more confidence and power, Jennifer Perez’ melodic and almost haunting voice blends with the primitive growling of Will Hayes vocals in a most intriguing and dark way. Check out their facebook or MySpace pages to hear what we’re talking about.

According to the band’s bio, Another Life Spared was formed in 2010 and has seen several changes in members since their birth. From this listener’s perspective, the current line up of six works so well together that the band will soon be leaving their own unique imprint on the music world.

……………. Another Life Spared is a band on the rise. We need to encourage them to come on over to Orlando more often, and when they do… sure to go see them.


If you are reading this post and have not yet checked out Another Life Spared… DO IT, Do it NOW!  Check them out on Facebook and catch their next show.  We are confident there will be many more  triumphant firsts from this incredibly awesome band!


We have to send a big thank you to Jennifer for being among the first artists to read and comment on Rose’s Damned Opinion.  This has been super encouraging and has really meant alot to us.


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