(N)ception – the point where something awesome begins

Yes, we are absolutely certain (N)ception really is the threshold of something awesome.  A few months ago, we experienced               (N)ception for the very first time and stated this in our opinion; “You can definitely hear some very familiar influences in the vocals and music (a little Soulfly with a dash of Korn in your Slipknot, anyone?)  (N)ception blends some of the most awesome groove metal/nu metal on the planet with their own definitive style.  They create a constant and thunderous commotion as they tear up the stage.”

      This past Friday night was all that and more.  From the very second they took the stage, the smokey air of The Haven filled with (N)ception’s contagious enthusiasm.  You can totally feel how excited they are to be there with us, and their mission to draw everyone into the mix.  Epic moments are just sort of created by this band, like inviting Eric Mann (F.I.L.T.H.) and James Quatrini (Beautiful Mourning) on stage for a song .  The                   (N)ception experience is like a big metal family backyard party.  It’s just so damn much fun, with a seriously unique kick ass sound.


A few nights after the show, we were honored to have this little chat with Snowflake:  (Actually, I believe Juice started it…)

Rose:  So, if one were writing about your set at The Haven on Friday….what would you want people to know?

Snowflake:  When people see our set, we want to give them something to think about and remember. Our music represents the things that go on in people’s everyday lives; so when they see us, the lyrics and melodies bring them back to those moments.  When someone listens to our music, we want to stand out from everything that’s been done before.  But most importantly, we want them to have fun and enjoy our music

Rose:  You most definitely seem to be accomplishing your mission.  The first time we saw (N)ception, we were really blown away.  While there are  definitely familiar influences in your sound.. there aren’t any other local bands that sound anything like you guys.

Snowflake:  We have constant  Energy before, during, and after our music starts.  Our sound and style represents what nobody is playing anymore, which is the music that everyone connects to.

Rose:   You do bring back memories connected to past bands, while remanufacturing it in your own way with an awesome stage presence and connection to the crowd.   Absolutely loved that you guys included Eric and James on stage with you.  You show respect and appreciation for other local artists.  In return, you obviously receive the same back from them.

Snowflake:   James and Eric have been our fans since the day we were called Scorned.  We proudly and recklessly support any and every band out there ’cause we do what everyone used to do back then. Which was happily support and help people without question.

Rose:  Supporting the local scene is what Rose’s mission is also.   We all need to keep it going……

Snowflake:  Exactly.  Put the egos and fame aside and support everyone.  Im really really thankful you came to the show friday night.

Rose:  You’re very welcome.

So, what’s in the works for (N)ception?  Their first recording “A Letter of (N)tent” is due out in the first quarter of 2013, which is sure to create a tidal wave of attention to their music.

In the meantime, be sure to make it to one of their upcoming shows:

Sept 22nd at The Venue   (Snowflake gave me the scoop on The Venue’s re-opening and their intent to bring some heavy ass music back to Lakeland.)

October 6th Bombshells

October 9th Bombshells

November 9th back at The Haven

This is truly the (N)ception of an awesome journey for this band and for our ears…..


Other places Rose wants to be (and you should too):



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