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Spooky Goblyns, Side Shows, and Human Factors

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The thing we love most about spending the weekend with Spooky Empire is the education …  Yes, that’s right… the education!  In one all-too-short and gruesome weekend you can learn how to properly apply your character’s bloody make-up; how to create skull sculptures; how love an Empire scorpion;  and what are the proper tools to stock a vampire killing kit or your zombie research project.   You can shop for one of a kind horror art, hand made knives, guillotines, coffins, electric chairs, and of course a few new corsets for Ms. Rose’s closet.

Spooky Empire exists to honor the art of horror film making and always has a plethora of celebrity guests from classic horror flicks.  But, it should be a requirement for everyone to check out a few of the indie films at The Freak Show Film Festival over the course of the weekend.  Rose’s top picks …. “Attack of the Brain Suckers” and “Zero Killed”.

  We also stopped to say hello to the “Rockabilly Zombie Weekend” crew and learned that this film is due out in about 8 weeks from now.  This feature film by Tammie Bennett promises to tell the tale of a rockabilly themed   wedding gone horribly wrong  when zombies crash the party.   This one has been in the making for awhile, and features some great rockabilly bands on the soundtrack; including The Van Orsdels, Rocket 88, and Cadillac Kings.  We are as excited about the musc as we are to see the finished film.  And speaking of George Van Orsdel, he was back in action as host of the Q&A sessions and emcee for the costume contest.  George totally rocks! (we must admit … we still miss the Van Orsdels in the show room at Spooky Empire).


The Ultimate Horror Weekend wouldn’t be the same without Green Goblyn Project providing us with some home grown Florida punk.  We had a chance to talk with Xtian Goblyn for a little while and gained some insight on where the band’s been and where they’re going.  Xtian commented that Green Goblyn Project is in their sixteenth year.  And over those years, they’ve self released five CD”s and gained a large following on the homefront and across the country.  This is truly a band with some staying power, and they deliver just as great a set now as they did when we first saw them quite a few years back.   We surfed around YouTube and found this  2003 video from “Fluke” one of our favorite GGP tunes, “Members Missing”

  Xtian’s first full length solo project “Baboon / Ladycreek” was released on Bony Orbit Records earlier this year.   Awesome tunes like “Miles To Go” are testament to Xtian’s smooth, timeless,  even a bit sultry vocal stylings.  Check out the video:


   The White Collar Side Show was our suprise WTF?!? band experience of the weekend.   Having never seen this band or heard their music before … we were amazed by the entire concept of this ingeniously well thought out show.  Through TD’s journey and battle with his own addictions, he has come to create this project to bring to light the harsh realities of our human frailties.  Not to glorify them, but to expose all of the weaknesses and addictions that we hide.  The freaks in this side show are not the characters up on the stage, but each and every one of us as we try to hide our own demons.  But to keep them hidden in the darkness, is to allow them to consume and destroy us.  TD’s message is that with faith and stength, you can control them.  The players are TD, Herr, The Faceless Woman and Leech.  The music is incredibly primitive … two drum kits, a base, and various other objects deftly utilized, to pound away like the very pulse that keeps us alive, and yet there’s a complexity to it that can’t quite be described.  In fact, there is just too much to try and put into this little blog for now. We insist that you check out their music and videos at  Promise you, we will continue to follow the White Collar Side Show and can not wait to see them again on their next stop in Central Florida. 


   If you don’t already know how awesome we think Human Factors Lab is…. you just haven’t been paying attention.   This show at Spooky Empire was a great intro for the release of  their new EP, “The Blade”.  This is the first installment in a series of four EP’s that will make up “The Suicide Diaries”.  Produced by Chris Vrenna, the EP features three original songs and a cover of  “White Rabbit”.   In a chat with Seven, he said “The Blade is really the band’s best work yet”.   Have to say “As the Church Bell Chines” is the song that gets stuck in our head and plays over and over all day long.  And we give the band lots of credit for taking on Jefferson Airplane’s iconic “White Rabbit”.   In it’s original version it was the song that parents hated, teenagers loved, and clueless little kids (like Ms. Rose) sat in the bedroom singing their throats raw, doing their damnedest to sound like Gracie Slick.  While we are still a little partial to Gracie; Human Factors Lab has done an amazing cover, in many ways a definite improvement over the original.  


Human Factors Lab will be on tour from November through the Spring 2013 to support “The Blade”.  So, we want to say thanks to Seven and Sunni for the conversation throughout the weekend, and we wish the band a most kick ass  and successful tour.    We will be looking for you back here in Florida in the Spring!



Sunshine State – “Laid Back Since Way Back”

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During a recent meeting with Matt McEwen (Rose’s soon to be website genius) we had the coincidence and good fortune of meeting Casey Lerman.  As he rushed in and out of Matt’s office on a quick break from his day job, he took a minute to introduce himself as Casey with Sunshine State and gave me a copy of the band’s new EP – “Laid Back Since Way Back”.  As we had not yet encountered Sunshine State, we immediately popped the EP in for the drive home.  The three songs contained on this EP are “Isolation”, “The Green” and “Maryjane”.

We also did a little homework on the band and found three more songs and a video on ReverbNation.. “Drifter’s Melody”, “Conflicting Resolutions”, and “A Storm to Be”.  We believe all of these are from at least a year ago, and while they are good; the songs from “Laid Back Since Way Back” show tremendous progression, more polished vocals, and a lot tighter sound with echos of the late great Sublime.  Sunshine State creates the kind of music that makes you want to sit back in your beach chair and watch the sun melt into the horizon.  Central Florida should be proud to have this young band turning out relaxed ska punk sounds to chill with.   This band deserves a little local radio attention, with “Isolation” being our top pick for the first song to hit the airwaves.  Thumbs up and lots of props to Diatonic Productions for the rich, clean quality sound in this short EP.   Of course this is all just our damned opinion;  but when you’re ready to kick back for a bit, give Sunshine State a serious listen.

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