Sunshine State – “Laid Back Since Way Back”

During a recent meeting with Matt McEwen (Rose’s soon to be website genius) we had the coincidence and good fortune of meeting Casey Lerman.  As he rushed in and out of Matt’s office on a quick break from his day job, he took a minute to introduce himself as Casey with Sunshine State and gave me a copy of the band’s new EP – “Laid Back Since Way Back”.  As we had not yet encountered Sunshine State, we immediately popped the EP in for the drive home.  The three songs contained on this EP are “Isolation”, “The Green” and “Maryjane”.

We also did a little homework on the band and found three more songs and a video on ReverbNation.. “Drifter’s Melody”, “Conflicting Resolutions”, and “A Storm to Be”.  We believe all of these are from at least a year ago, and while they are good; the songs from “Laid Back Since Way Back” show tremendous progression, more polished vocals, and a lot tighter sound with echos of the late great Sublime.  Sunshine State creates the kind of music that makes you want to sit back in your beach chair and watch the sun melt into the horizon.  Central Florida should be proud to have this young band turning out relaxed ska punk sounds to chill with.   This band deserves a little local radio attention, with “Isolation” being our top pick for the first song to hit the airwaves.  Thumbs up and lots of props to Diatonic Productions for the rich, clean quality sound in this short EP.   Of course this is all just our damned opinion;  but when you’re ready to kick back for a bit, give Sunshine State a serious listen.


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