Lucky Thirteen

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With the end of 2012 just 12 hours behind us, and having survived a very uneventful “apocalypse”,   (so where are all those brain-eating zombies, anyway?) we’re going to stop to reflect for a second before we plunge headlong into 2013.   This past year has been amazing for Rose… not necessarily easy… just absolutely amazing.  The latter half of 2011 (If there is a number we don’t like… it is 11), saw us spiraling into the pit… inconsolably heartbroken….on a reckless path toward nothingness.   Earlier in the year, a good friend allowed herself to fall into that same kind of pit… and she ended her journey there.  (Leigh, this world dearly misses your crazy humor and Bohemian style) That could be where we were headed until something kicked us in the ass and made us pull ourselves out of the wreckage, relentlessly clinging to the music that’s always been our saving grace.   Finding our place in the music community this year has been a great adventure fueled by the encouragement received from so many of you to move forward in our pursuit.

Rose’s Damned Opinion will be expanding to her own website in the next few weeks.  Please be patient, while we’re still under construction.  We must say that none of it would be happening without the phenomenal talents of Bo Bradshaw – Brilliant Engine and Matt McEwen – Diatonic Productions.   As we grow, the site ( will allow us tons more flexibility , to do audio-video interviews, showcase new music and tours, feature a different band each month, review music, sell your merch, and keep up on the ever changing calendar of events.   In 2013, our mission is to create a hub of information on Florida’s music scene, and a place for you to go and let the world know what’s up with your band.  chinese_new_year_2013_year_of_the_snake_card-p137242811084934858bh2r3_400[1]

People that are really into numbers say that 13 is the number that cleanses and purifies.  The lucky number 13 represents a test, suffering, the death of the material, and a rebirth of the spirit.  With 13 paving the way … we are exhilarated to start the year and travel down many new paths that will become part of our journey.

We feel a resurgence of positive energy with the New Year.  With the hard work of great people like Jb Brock-Wildman Productions, Clint Pinder-Maniacal Mojo Records, Sick World Radio, James Cripps- Rock Gator Radio, and an army of others a strong alliance is being formed connecting Florida’s new music from Tampa to Cocoa and Gainesville to Ft. Lauderdale, with Orlando the crossroads of it all.  It’s an exciting time for music, indeed.

 373210_486600548030158_1713687508_n[2]On the last Saturday night of the year, we had an amazing time at our favorite place to be – The Haven.  It was an awesome show with Viasava, (n)ception, Another Life Spared, Born From Ashes, Leaving Haven, and Southern Fried Genocide.  Don’t know if it was the full moon, or because it’s the end of the year….. but the energy was high and everybody delivered a kick-ass set. 


Southern Fried Genocide

This was our first time seeing and hearing these good old southern fried boys, and we were nicely surprised by their contrast in style to the rest of the lineup.  In reviewing their bio, I’ve read several comparisons to some of the best, like Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC…. but we’re also hearing a touch of Danzig in Steve-O’s vocals.    In any case, there’s some gritty bluesy Southern rock in all its rebellious glory going on here.  It was great meeting these guys… hope they get over to Central Florida more often.

Leaving Haven

We haven’t seen Leaving Haven since early 2011.  Back then, there were still some permanent members missing.  And while we liked their work that first time, we’ve got to say an incredible change has happened since our initial impression of the band.  With Trevor Hastings on Vocals, Michael Strippoli – Guitar,  Luke Melsenti – Guitar,  Madison Macko- Bass, and Benjamin Melsenti – Drums, the band has tightened up and now delivers a polished sound much like Chevelle, embellished by their own personality and presence.  Check out their music and new website…


Another first time experience for us; Viasava travelled from their home state of Georgia to be here for this weekend’s show.  The band has been touring pretty constantly in the last half of 2012 in support of their debut LP “One Year Down”.  After listening to a few of the tracks and seeing them live, we have to say this is a relatively new band with a very experienced sound.  With great vocals, clean and nicely layered guitars and drums, they’re sound is reminiscent of Sevendust with a twist of their very own.  On stage, they grab your attention and play well to the crowd.  Their set definitely makes you stop and listen, and then you want to hear more….. visit their website and get your copy of “One Year Down”.

For the superstitious “13” brings bad luck and misfortune.  For us, it’s a chance to make some changes and launch new adventures.  So take “13” any way you want, but we are looking for some big stuff to happen this year!  Be sure to look for our first review of 2013 where Rose will be giving her opinion of Rock Gator Radio’s new compilation album. 


Rose’s “Most” list for 2012 

(mind you… these are just the few that are okay to print )

* Most played CD of 2012:  Auditory Armory’s “Anomaly”    (This CD came along when we needed it most)

* Most fun moments:  Evermore Sound and Orlando – Battle of the Band Series

* Most interesting “first time” experience:  Interview with Beautiful Mourning

* Most unique moments:  Standing outside the Ritz in Ybor, awaiting the all clear to go back inside for Summer Slaughter

* Most unexpected moments:  a minute on stage with Meka Nism, and a shout-out from Jennifer Perez during a recent Another Life Spared show

* Most favorite place to hang out:  The Haven

* Most educational visit:  The Peaches Music store in New Orleans…. The still have LOTS of vinyl!!

* Most unbelievably over the top show:  Once again, the magnificent Trans-Siberian Orchestra


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