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Lucky Thirteen

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9165138[1]  happy-new-year-2013-wallpaper[1]

With the end of 2012 just 12 hours behind us, and having survived a very uneventful “apocalypse”,   (so where are all those brain-eating zombies, anyway?) we’re going to stop to reflect for a second before we plunge headlong into 2013.   This past year has been amazing for Rose… not necessarily easy… just absolutely amazing.  The latter half of 2011 (If there is a number we don’t like… it is 11), saw us spiraling into the pit… inconsolably heartbroken….on a reckless path toward nothingness.   Earlier in the year, a good friend allowed herself to fall into that same kind of pit… and she ended her journey there.  (Leigh, this world dearly misses your crazy humor and Bohemian style) That could be where we were headed until something kicked us in the ass and made us pull ourselves out of the wreckage, relentlessly clinging to the music that’s always been our saving grace.   Finding our place in the music community this year has been a great adventure fueled by the encouragement received from so many of you to move forward in our pursuit.

Rose’s Damned Opinion will be expanding to her own website in the next few weeks.  Please be patient, while we’re still under construction.  We must say that none of it would be happening without the phenomenal talents of Bo Bradshaw – Brilliant Engine and Matt McEwen – Diatonic Productions.   As we grow, the site ( will allow us tons more flexibility , to do audio-video interviews, showcase new music and tours, feature a different band each month, review music, sell your merch, and keep up on the ever changing calendar of events.   In 2013, our mission is to create a hub of information on Florida’s music scene, and a place for you to go and let the world know what’s up with your band.  chinese_new_year_2013_year_of_the_snake_card-p137242811084934858bh2r3_400[1]

People that are really into numbers say that 13 is the number that cleanses and purifies.  The lucky number 13 represents a test, suffering, the death of the material, and a rebirth of the spirit.  With 13 paving the way … we are exhilarated to start the year and travel down many new paths that will become part of our journey.

We feel a resurgence of positive energy with the New Year.  With the hard work of great people like Jb Brock-Wildman Productions, Clint Pinder-Maniacal Mojo Records, Sick World Radio, James Cripps- Rock Gator Radio, and an army of others a strong alliance is being formed connecting Florida’s new music from Tampa to Cocoa and Gainesville to Ft. Lauderdale, with Orlando the crossroads of it all.  It’s an exciting time for music, indeed.

 373210_486600548030158_1713687508_n[2]On the last Saturday night of the year, we had an amazing time at our favorite place to be – The Haven.  It was an awesome show with Viasava, (n)ception, Another Life Spared, Born From Ashes, Leaving Haven, and Southern Fried Genocide.  Don’t know if it was the full moon, or because it’s the end of the year….. but the energy was high and everybody delivered a kick-ass set. 


Southern Fried Genocide

This was our first time seeing and hearing these good old southern fried boys, and we were nicely surprised by their contrast in style to the rest of the lineup.  In reviewing their bio, I’ve read several comparisons to some of the best, like Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC…. but we’re also hearing a touch of Danzig in Steve-O’s vocals.    In any case, there’s some gritty bluesy Southern rock in all its rebellious glory going on here.  It was great meeting these guys… hope they get over to Central Florida more often.

Leaving Haven

We haven’t seen Leaving Haven since early 2011.  Back then, there were still some permanent members missing.  And while we liked their work that first time, we’ve got to say an incredible change has happened since our initial impression of the band.  With Trevor Hastings on Vocals, Michael Strippoli – Guitar,  Luke Melsenti – Guitar,  Madison Macko- Bass, and Benjamin Melsenti – Drums, the band has tightened up and now delivers a polished sound much like Chevelle, embellished by their own personality and presence.  Check out their music and new website…


Another first time experience for us; Viasava travelled from their home state of Georgia to be here for this weekend’s show.  The band has been touring pretty constantly in the last half of 2012 in support of their debut LP “One Year Down”.  After listening to a few of the tracks and seeing them live, we have to say this is a relatively new band with a very experienced sound.  With great vocals, clean and nicely layered guitars and drums, they’re sound is reminiscent of Sevendust with a twist of their very own.  On stage, they grab your attention and play well to the crowd.  Their set definitely makes you stop and listen, and then you want to hear more….. visit their website and get your copy of “One Year Down”.

For the superstitious “13” brings bad luck and misfortune.  For us, it’s a chance to make some changes and launch new adventures.  So take “13” any way you want, but we are looking for some big stuff to happen this year!  Be sure to look for our first review of 2013 where Rose will be giving her opinion of Rock Gator Radio’s new compilation album. 


Rose’s “Most” list for 2012 

(mind you… these are just the few that are okay to print )

* Most played CD of 2012:  Auditory Armory’s “Anomaly”    (This CD came along when we needed it most)

* Most fun moments:  Evermore Sound and Orlando – Battle of the Band Series

* Most interesting “first time” experience:  Interview with Beautiful Mourning

* Most unique moments:  Standing outside the Ritz in Ybor, awaiting the all clear to go back inside for Summer Slaughter

* Most unexpected moments:  a minute on stage with Meka Nism, and a shout-out from Jennifer Perez during a recent Another Life Spared show

* Most favorite place to hang out:  The Haven

* Most educational visit:  The Peaches Music store in New Orleans…. The still have LOTS of vinyl!!

* Most unbelievably over the top show:  Once again, the magnificent Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Lions, and Zebras, and FILTH – Oh my! (Orlando / Evermore Sound Battle of the Bands Finals)

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20121207_232223  Winners

Hats off to Orlando and Evermore Sound for showcasing 64 of Central Florida music’s finest over the rigorous weeks of The Battle of The Bands 2012.  It was a valiant fight to the finish Friday night at Back Booth, as the war came to an end with Lions After Dark claiming the final victory. 



Lions After Dark is a young band of girls and guys, that exude a skill and confidence way beyond their years.  Their music is kinda hippy, bluesy, 60’s and 70’s era and super well done.  It took a minute to transition from FILTH’s rampage to this Melanie/Joplin-esque sound, but about half a song in, we became completely caught up in the smooth style of Curt Pfeiffer on drums, Abby Winteregg playing bass, and Andrew Roden’s guitar.  Front woman, Maddie is an adorable bundle of energy with a really sweet sound, but you get the feeling that she could probably rip your face off with the power of her incredible voice if you crossed her.  (We really think she could!) This is the combination that allows the band to take control.  Come on now, you have no choice but to be drawn in and sing along with their excellent rendition of “Mercedes Benz”.   We think that no matter what kind of lousy mood you may have been in when you came to the show…. You’re gonna have fun when Lions After Dark hits the stage.  You have to look them up on Facebook and check out Rose’s favorite, the sultry jazzy tune, “Waste No Time”…. You just gotta smile!       



We were all given an extra helping of FILTH on this night.  The guys were as amazing and outrageous as ever.   Their  devious and FILTHY little plan is working…..with solid ass kicking metal, these consummate showmen are proving one set after another that metal can definitely be good fun…. Why, be so dark and serious all the time?   The more we see ’em, the more we love ’em, as they progressively move forward teasing us with just a little more naughtiness each show.  Most memorable moment of the night….the entire crowd…. fists in the air…. chanting in unison…. 20121207_204654

“WE WE ARE FILTH!!  WE ARE FILTH!!  WE ARE FILTH!!”  Yes, we definitely are. 


 Taking second place was the clean, crisp sound of Zebra Panic.  The band has been together since 2011 and has participated in several Christian music competitions before joining the Battle of the Bands.  In August of this year; Nick, David, Brandon, Jason and Michael  released their first demo EP, comprised of 5 songs recorded and produced by the band themselves.  


 20121207_200445Special guests, Antic opened the night.  While not part of the competition it was surely a bonus to have a chance to see them here.   Antic gives a fresh new lease on old school southern style.  There’s just enough angst to give their sound a proper edge, and some great guitar riffs to back it up with attitude.  We particularly like the darker tune “Slenderman”.  From what we hear, they have an EP and video in the works.  We are really looking forward to seeing and hearing more from Antic.   

  BenGardnerYou can be sure that we will be following Ben and Orlando as they take us on this journey again in 2013.  It’s been a great ride….and we thank you s for bringing us so many bands and so much great music.       419656_343614945691130_27168562_n[1]

Spooky Goblyns, Side Shows, and Human Factors

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The thing we love most about spending the weekend with Spooky Empire is the education …  Yes, that’s right… the education!  In one all-too-short and gruesome weekend you can learn how to properly apply your character’s bloody make-up; how to create skull sculptures; how love an Empire scorpion;  and what are the proper tools to stock a vampire killing kit or your zombie research project.   You can shop for one of a kind horror art, hand made knives, guillotines, coffins, electric chairs, and of course a few new corsets for Ms. Rose’s closet.

Spooky Empire exists to honor the art of horror film making and always has a plethora of celebrity guests from classic horror flicks.  But, it should be a requirement for everyone to check out a few of the indie films at The Freak Show Film Festival over the course of the weekend.  Rose’s top picks …. “Attack of the Brain Suckers” and “Zero Killed”.

  We also stopped to say hello to the “Rockabilly Zombie Weekend” crew and learned that this film is due out in about 8 weeks from now.  This feature film by Tammie Bennett promises to tell the tale of a rockabilly themed   wedding gone horribly wrong  when zombies crash the party.   This one has been in the making for awhile, and features some great rockabilly bands on the soundtrack; including The Van Orsdels, Rocket 88, and Cadillac Kings.  We are as excited about the musc as we are to see the finished film.  And speaking of George Van Orsdel, he was back in action as host of the Q&A sessions and emcee for the costume contest.  George totally rocks! (we must admit … we still miss the Van Orsdels in the show room at Spooky Empire).


The Ultimate Horror Weekend wouldn’t be the same without Green Goblyn Project providing us with some home grown Florida punk.  We had a chance to talk with Xtian Goblyn for a little while and gained some insight on where the band’s been and where they’re going.  Xtian commented that Green Goblyn Project is in their sixteenth year.  And over those years, they’ve self released five CD”s and gained a large following on the homefront and across the country.  This is truly a band with some staying power, and they deliver just as great a set now as they did when we first saw them quite a few years back.   We surfed around YouTube and found this  2003 video from “Fluke” one of our favorite GGP tunes, “Members Missing”

  Xtian’s first full length solo project “Baboon / Ladycreek” was released on Bony Orbit Records earlier this year.   Awesome tunes like “Miles To Go” are testament to Xtian’s smooth, timeless,  even a bit sultry vocal stylings.  Check out the video:


   The White Collar Side Show was our suprise WTF?!? band experience of the weekend.   Having never seen this band or heard their music before … we were amazed by the entire concept of this ingeniously well thought out show.  Through TD’s journey and battle with his own addictions, he has come to create this project to bring to light the harsh realities of our human frailties.  Not to glorify them, but to expose all of the weaknesses and addictions that we hide.  The freaks in this side show are not the characters up on the stage, but each and every one of us as we try to hide our own demons.  But to keep them hidden in the darkness, is to allow them to consume and destroy us.  TD’s message is that with faith and stength, you can control them.  The players are TD, Herr, The Faceless Woman and Leech.  The music is incredibly primitive … two drum kits, a base, and various other objects deftly utilized, to pound away like the very pulse that keeps us alive, and yet there’s a complexity to it that can’t quite be described.  In fact, there is just too much to try and put into this little blog for now. We insist that you check out their music and videos at  Promise you, we will continue to follow the White Collar Side Show and can not wait to see them again on their next stop in Central Florida. 


   If you don’t already know how awesome we think Human Factors Lab is…. you just haven’t been paying attention.   This show at Spooky Empire was a great intro for the release of  their new EP, “The Blade”.  This is the first installment in a series of four EP’s that will make up “The Suicide Diaries”.  Produced by Chris Vrenna, the EP features three original songs and a cover of  “White Rabbit”.   In a chat with Seven, he said “The Blade is really the band’s best work yet”.   Have to say “As the Church Bell Chines” is the song that gets stuck in our head and plays over and over all day long.  And we give the band lots of credit for taking on Jefferson Airplane’s iconic “White Rabbit”.   In it’s original version it was the song that parents hated, teenagers loved, and clueless little kids (like Ms. Rose) sat in the bedroom singing their throats raw, doing their damnedest to sound like Gracie Slick.  While we are still a little partial to Gracie; Human Factors Lab has done an amazing cover, in many ways a definite improvement over the original.  


Human Factors Lab will be on tour from November through the Spring 2013 to support “The Blade”.  So, we want to say thanks to Seven and Sunni for the conversation throughout the weekend, and we wish the band a most kick ass  and successful tour.    We will be looking for you back here in Florida in the Spring!


A Wildman’s Halloween at The Brass Mug

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Wildman Entertainment brought together the perfect blend of scary and “bad mutha fucker”  bands  to usher in the holiday season on October 6th at Tampa’s Brass Mug.  JB does Metal Halloween right with;  Murderfly, An Effigy Distorted, Path to Prevail, Creatures of Habit, and Faethom.

0000 MURDERFLY 0000

          Without question, Murderfly are some of the most badass guys around…. and there was no exception on this night.  They never fail to deliver  great sounds whenever we see them play.  Murderfly is the perfect driving to work, get ready for whatever the day’s about to throw at you music.  By the time you get there, you feel good and strong and got your “don’t even think about fuckin’ with me attitude” in place.

We hope Bo will forgive us for borrowing this from his post  yesterday;  “I am and always have been surrounded by so many people, but i’ve always been, and still am very much alone. Perhaps that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Fate and destiny… Please deliver me where I belong, regardless of how many mental and physical scars I bare. My passion is strong. I’ll block out the pain, and the path will remain the same.” ~Bo Dinkins

When we read this, and the number of responses it received, we were inspired to think about what it is that drives us to keep on the path that we all ultimately walk alone.  We believe the momentum comes from those brief moments when our parallel paths are bridged by a shared emotional experience.   The honesty and angst in Murderfly’s music is one of those bridges.  If you’ve lived any life at all, you can relate to Murderfly’s in-your-face music and message.

Looking forward to the forthcoming documentary film “Bare These Scars” and a lot more music from Murderfly.             


Yep.  Definitely loved the masks and spooky decor.  Not sure I want to know what it took to get TJ to flaunt the short-shorts… While the look was quite different, the outfit did not hinder TJ’s masterful guitar riffs in the least.  An Effigy Distorted delivered their set with all of the enthusiasm that has built them a loyal fan base in the Orlando area.  Their followers can always count on them coming to the party ready to rock.  



We feel like we’ve been missing something tremendous here for a really long time!  This band was originally established in 2005, and yet this is the first time we’ve seen an entire Path To Prevail set!  And speaking of paths (as we were earlier) Path To Prevail’s founder certainly stays on course.  In reading the band’s bio, we’ve learned that the band has gone through manychanges over the years; so many that Erich is actually the only original member.  With the band’s current line-up, we think Erich has prevailed at building a phenominal band with an impressive resume of shows and bands they have shared the stage with.   Listening to “Pioneer the Apocalypse” while writing this post.  We are most affected by the intense blast-beats, unforgettable guitar riffs (the kind that stay in your head for days) and Dave Marfitt’s vocals.  In their live set, the band has incredible command of the stage and their audience.                     


 Note to self…. GET a copy of Creatures of Habit’s new EP!  This self-titled EP flaunts some gruesome cover art wrapped around some awesome music.   Creatures of Habit is; John Filippazzo  – guitar; Andrew Glut – guitar; Jordan Jensen – drums; Michael Palmer – vocals; Patrick Dunwoody – bass.  Being the horror fan that we are, the creepy lead-in for each song is obviously quite to our liking.  Each of the four songs opens slowly like you’re creeping into something really evil…. then you are attacked by and incredible kick-ass onslaught of music.  We will keep an eye for the next Creatures of Habit show…..

0000  FAETHOM 0000

“The grim tale of FAETHOM begins in the ghoul-infested town of Cochabamba, Bolivia. On one cold and dreary day, David Diacrono,  a Metal Warrior with a heart of ice,” ……… and now you must visit the Faethom website at, to read the rest of the bands intro.

It’s been over a week since this ghoulish show and we are still absorbing all that Faethom has to offer.   This is a band that we had only heard about until this show, and now we are completely possessed by the delicious darkness of their music.  Faethom creates some of the best blackened metal these ears have heard, showcased in a most successfully executed concept album.

To totally appreciate the works of Faethom, get your bloody hands on a copy of  “In the Name of the Father, The Son, and The Unholy”.  Listen though it the first few times and absorb the music…. David’s brutally thrashing guitar ….Muriela’s diabolical keyboards…. Federico, Hermes, and Fabian pulling it all together perfectly in one hellacious explosion.   Then follow Victor’s ill-fated journey from his lonely home to the brink of Hell and back.  This is an amazingly well written story, full of well-rounded characters, all condensed into 16 tracks.   The music is constantly dark and demonic, Muriela’s vocals range from a most impressive death growl to bawdy burlesque queen to an opera tenor.  There’s a lot of  quality drama here, accompanied by just the right dose of humor. 

Encyclopaedia Metallum lists Faethom as Blackened Heavy Metal / Progressive with Horror themes.  We list them as the band we’d most like to see with a full-scale theatrical production to play out the story of their LP.  Check out the official You Tube video for “THE LETTER”

Definitely not a band for the faint of heart, but absolutely a band for Rose.

0000 CHEERS TO THE MUG!  0000

For the record, we really like the Brass Mug’s atmosphere.  Cheers to Heather and her crew for their continued efforts to improve the “mug”.  Heather has  plans to further enhance the stage and add a green room for the bands to chill in.  The Brass Mug is most certainly one of the anchor venues for the Tampa Bay Metal scene.  We plan to visit as often as possible.


It’s our favorite season, with lots to do.  Rose will be out and about for Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend, October 25-27, 2012.  This is a weekend not to be missed.  Green Goblin Project and The Vaudvillians return to the convention this year.  And we are so excited that HUMAN FACTORS LAB will be playing on Saturday night at 10:00pm!  If that’s not enough… Twiggy Ramirez will be the d.j. for the party on Friday night.  Check out the Spooky Empire Ultimate Horror Weekend website for more information:    There are so many Halloween festivities over the next two weeks, we wish we could clone ourselves about 10 times so we can keep up.


And The Haven Will Rock, 10-5-2012

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***  KILL THE SOUND  ***

A few months ago, arriving at the show late as always, we caught the tail-end of Kill The Sound’s set and said to ourself , “we have got to see more of this band”.    And on Friday night, Maniacal Mojo gave us that opportunity when they once again rocked The Haven with a stellar line up kicked off by Kill The Sound.  

After listening to Kim and Milka’s unique vocals and the band’s finely tuned (self-described) alternative / garage band sounds, it is hard to believe that they have only been together about seven months.  Kill The Sound is;  Kim Acoustic – vocals; Alex Abbott – guitar; Brent Talbert – drums; Ally Sosa – bass; Milka Ramos – lead guitar and vocals.  Kim  graciously chatted with us for a few minutes outside the club; she explained that although the band is relatively new, she has worked in different projects with each of the current members. 

While Rose generally leans toward the darker side, we can’t help but feel great listening to “Alive”, “Locked Down” and “Super Duper”.   Kim says that each song is written to stand out and carry it’s own postive message, and we’d have to agree.  Check out Kill The Sound’s music at And since this band is playing their asses off  from Tampa to Gainesville and every where in between, there is no reason that you can’t catch them live. (Unless, of course you are one of our readers in another state or another country).  Kill The Sound is scheduled to be back at The Haven for the Halloween show on October 27th. 



And then there’s Another Life Spared…. a band that always delivers great sounds to their fans.  Their energy keeps them in constant motion all over the stage, and keeps the crowd engaged show after show.  (The only problem is that it’s tough to get a decent picture.  They just move too damn fast!)  Listening to “Cataclysm” while writing this post and realized that we must get a copy of this EP as soon as possible…and you should too!  “” Cataclysm” is one of our favorites from the works of ALS.  From the beginning guitar chords to the amazing contrast of the vocals, it’s just one of those perfect songs that stays in your head for days after you’ve heard it.  Another Life Spared will be at Insomniacs next week and back at The Haven on October 27th.



 Born From Ashes must be one of busiest bands in Central Florida. They’re always up to something; radio spots, awesome videos, writing new songs, lots of shows, and oh yeah the Evermore Sound Battle of the Bands, Round 3 – Week 10.  Can’t wait for this round tonight.  BFA will be competing with some other pretty cool local bands, but we know who’s gonna tear it up!   If you haven’t already…. check out their video for “Pressure” and their Facebook page.  Get ready to hit the “Like” button, ’cause we know you will. 



Rose is a bit of an industrial junkie… and Human Factors Lab feeds the need.  While the band travelled and spent time in the studio working on their upcoming CD “The Blade”  we’ve been here patiently awaiting their return to a stage in Orlando.  And it was worth the wait… the sparks fly with Malice, Seven rampages around the stage, Sunni on guitar looms over like a big storm cloud, and Darq commands the  drums.  What more could you want?  Nothing, because what you get is something really incredible from a small group, with the sound of an industrial strength army.   “The Blade” may be the CD we are most looking forward to this year.  We know the music is gonna be killer, and with Brilliant Engine doing the artwork and the behind the scenes video, it’s definitely gonna look friggin’ awesome.  In the meantime, we don’t mind playing The Art of Suicide over and over again.   

In the Midst of the Battle, “May the Metal Be with You”

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Okay, call us geeks, freaks, whatever… (quite certain we’ve been called much worse things before) the point is, it was an absolute blast starting out the week at Star Wars Celebration VI.  For us the highlights of the convention were the phenomenal sets provided by the Belgian Prop Crew, all the little R2D2’s at the Builder’s Club, and seeing Felix “Ewok” Silla…that was pretty cool.



Technically this was from the week before; but we have to mention the always bad ass Murderfly’s killer set at The Haven two Saturday nights ago.  The band is still filming their sets; is it for their upcoming documentary?  If so, hope we didn’t look too ghastly if we got caught on film.  Nonetheless, check out the “Bare These Scars” trailer on You Tube.  The trailer alone will make you want to grab the popcorn and settle in for the rest of the movie.  Can not wait to see the finished product and, of course, Murderfly’s upcoming Fall shows including Wildman Entertainment’s Metal Halloween Bash.


Had a chance to catch the Battle of the Bands – Round 1, Week 4.  Now that I’ve experienced one Battle…. I want more…. this is so much more exciting and addictive than those insipid t.v. shows other people get hung up on.  I guarantee the music is a shitload better than Dancing with Somebody that Used to be Famous or  Somebody Thinks They’ve Got Talent (so sorry Sharon Osbourne and Steven Tyler – we still love you, really).  We have become a follower of this awesome Battle of the Bands series.  Thank you Evermore Sound, Orlando, Club 57 West and everyone else that puts the BOTB together!

LOVACAINE:   Obviously, Goth fits quite nicely with Ms. Rose’s style, and we were quite pleased to see Lovacaine in the Battle of the Bands.  This was our first encounter with the music of Rob, Jose, Mitch and Tyler.  Most definitely enjoyed the contrast between Lovacaine and the other three bands in this round.  Although we didn’t find  Lovacaine  nearly  as dark and droning, it made us pull out the old BauHaus CD’s for another listen (“Bela Lugosi’s Dead”…is so much fun!) 

  We would like to know where Lovacaine will be playing next and when they will get some music up on Facebook for us.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ARMAGEDDON III:  A band new to us and very unique in their sound and delivery.  Went to ReverbNation to hear more while writing this post.  Armageddon III describes themselves as an experimental metal band.  We found their sound to be akin to the stylings of avante garde European bands.  We particularly like the songs where Dana’s vocals are in the forefront as in “Be Prepared”.


AN EFFIGY DISTORTED – And the battle rages on!  An Effigy Distorted definitely had the largest army in the fray.  Just how many AED shirts can you fit into one club?  It was really a sight to behold.  But, where the hell have you guys been?  Great strategy… no shows for a few months, and then ambush us with an amazing set!   Seriously, An Effigy Distorted came out as strong and as engaging as ever,  introducing a few new songs along the way.  Our personal favorite – “Last Stand”.  Looking forward to seeing them on October 6th with Wildman Entertainment’s Metal Halloween Bash 2012 at the Brass Mug in Tampa.

F.I.L.T.H. – The undisputed victors!  Due to limited space and time they had to play sans the electric chair and other props.    (Hey, if you guys don’t need that chair anymore…it would be perfect in Ms. Rose’s living room).  They were raw, intense, and incredible on this tiny little stage.  And just being honest here…. I’ve never heard them sound better.  F.I.L.T.H. kicked ass in a big way (sadly, we didn’t get to see Eric’s this time).  The entire place was totally engulfed in their filthy little world even without all the accoutrements of their usual show.  They have won this battle, and Ms. Rose’s allegiance….. can’t wait to see how the rest of the war turns out.  F.I.L.T.H. will return to fight again at the Club 57 West battlefield on September 21st.

Really Good Mojo … at The Haven

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Maniacal Mojo pulled out all the stops and delivered another powerhouse show at The Haven Saturday night.  ( Mr Pinder…. you surely got your mojo workin’. )  The night gave us a line up of five very different bands.  If there was anyone there who couldn’t find something to bang their head to, they just need to stay the hell home.

Unfortunately, we missed Kill the Sound, but we have been paying attention … listening to “Locked Down” as we write this post.  If you missed them too… Check them out on Facebook, at, or at The Social on August 16th and Club 57 on August 17th.   

oooo Auditory Armory oooo 

We have known for quite some time that April Montallana is an extremely versatile musician, and we had been hearing alot of good stuff about Auditory Armory.  So, we made the run from another show at the HoB out to The Haven on this Saturday night with the specific intention to see what Auditory Armory is all about.  Already into her first song, we were greeted at the door by a mesmerizing, progressive sound that drew us immediately to the stage.  Fields of Glass bandmates Justice, Dennis, and Oscar joined April for the live set.  The CD,  “Anomoly” was released in March of this year and was recorded as a two piece project with April on cello, guitar, keyboard and vocals.  We picked up a copy and have been listening every since.  The songs and music inspire quite a range of emotions.  Auditory Armory is the perfect showcase for the depth and intensity of April’s talents.  Can’t wait to see and hear more…


oooo Familiar Sin oooo

The name is so fitting.  Their sound is very familiar in all the right ways.  CJ, Josh, Chris, and Caveman bring you raw hard rock/metal in its most classic form updated by their own style, and exactly what a hard ass band should be.  They offered a great set, with April Montallana and cello guesting on a song or two.  Check them out on Facebook, or or  You can bet, this is one “Sin” we won’t be asking forgiveness for.


oooo Born From Ashes oooo

Hell ya! Born From Ashes! We so enjoy seeing this band.  Not only are they awesome on stage, they’re friendly and fun guys off stage.  They bring it on like a speeding locomotive with their own brand of alternative metal.  Great vocal blends and solid music.  An alternative metal band that covers Billy Joel’s  “Pressure” …. now that’s a stretch….. and it’s a really good cover!  Born From Ashes is set to return to The Haven on August 24th.

oooo Meka Nism! Meka Nism! Meka Nism! oooo 

What more can be said about this  group of sound artisans lead by the most dramatic, audacious, streak of pure energy you will ever see grace any Central Florida stage.  As always, Ms. Meka brought you up, pulled you down, and pummeled your soul with her incredible vocals and dramatic stage presence.  This band is an eclectic mix of  components that are as amazing to watch as they are to hear.  In a little girl’s room chat, we learned that they will soon be on tour in Japan.  But, fear not, their new recording should be available to us before they go….(this way we won’t miss them so much here at home while they’re out and about in the big world).    Ms. Rose’s favorite moment of the night; being able to get on stage with Meka Nism….priceless. 

Thank you Clint Pinder and Maniacal Mojo for bringing such great shows together.  You Rock!  So, what kinda mojo are we in for next, you ask?  Be at The Haven on August 24th for The Mouth Of Mojo!

And don’t forget to check out the Reclaimed Strings Project. 

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