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And The Haven Will Rock, 10-5-2012

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***  KILL THE SOUND  ***

A few months ago, arriving at the show late as always, we caught the tail-end of Kill The Sound’s set and said to ourself , “we have got to see more of this band”.    And on Friday night, Maniacal Mojo gave us that opportunity when they once again rocked The Haven with a stellar line up kicked off by Kill The Sound.  

After listening to Kim and Milka’s unique vocals and the band’s finely tuned (self-described) alternative / garage band sounds, it is hard to believe that they have only been together about seven months.  Kill The Sound is;  Kim Acoustic – vocals; Alex Abbott – guitar; Brent Talbert – drums; Ally Sosa – bass; Milka Ramos – lead guitar and vocals.  Kim  graciously chatted with us for a few minutes outside the club; she explained that although the band is relatively new, she has worked in different projects with each of the current members. 

While Rose generally leans toward the darker side, we can’t help but feel great listening to “Alive”, “Locked Down” and “Super Duper”.   Kim says that each song is written to stand out and carry it’s own postive message, and we’d have to agree.  Check out Kill The Sound’s music at And since this band is playing their asses off  from Tampa to Gainesville and every where in between, there is no reason that you can’t catch them live. (Unless, of course you are one of our readers in another state or another country).  Kill The Sound is scheduled to be back at The Haven for the Halloween show on October 27th. 



And then there’s Another Life Spared…. a band that always delivers great sounds to their fans.  Their energy keeps them in constant motion all over the stage, and keeps the crowd engaged show after show.  (The only problem is that it’s tough to get a decent picture.  They just move too damn fast!)  Listening to “Cataclysm” while writing this post and realized that we must get a copy of this EP as soon as possible…and you should too!  “” Cataclysm” is one of our favorites from the works of ALS.  From the beginning guitar chords to the amazing contrast of the vocals, it’s just one of those perfect songs that stays in your head for days after you’ve heard it.  Another Life Spared will be at Insomniacs next week and back at The Haven on October 27th.



 Born From Ashes must be one of busiest bands in Central Florida. They’re always up to something; radio spots, awesome videos, writing new songs, lots of shows, and oh yeah the Evermore Sound Battle of the Bands, Round 3 – Week 10.  Can’t wait for this round tonight.  BFA will be competing with some other pretty cool local bands, but we know who’s gonna tear it up!   If you haven’t already…. check out their video for “Pressure” and their Facebook page.  Get ready to hit the “Like” button, ’cause we know you will. 



Rose is a bit of an industrial junkie… and Human Factors Lab feeds the need.  While the band travelled and spent time in the studio working on their upcoming CD “The Blade”  we’ve been here patiently awaiting their return to a stage in Orlando.  And it was worth the wait… the sparks fly with Malice, Seven rampages around the stage, Sunni on guitar looms over like a big storm cloud, and Darq commands the  drums.  What more could you want?  Nothing, because what you get is something really incredible from a small group, with the sound of an industrial strength army.   “The Blade” may be the CD we are most looking forward to this year.  We know the music is gonna be killer, and with Brilliant Engine doing the artwork and the behind the scenes video, it’s definitely gonna look friggin’ awesome.  In the meantime, we don’t mind playing The Art of Suicide over and over again.   


Another Life Spared at the House of Blues

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Saturday night saw Another Life Spared tear up the stage at their first House of Blues Show. It was most certainly an ALS crowd.  Everyone exploded as each member of the band came out on stage.  People were singing along with just about every song. Their command of the stage and connection with their audience is proof that Another Life Spared is more than ready to be seen and heard by larger audiences on a national level.


We have seen ALS on stage from Tampa to Orlando to Cocoa, and have witnessed the band’s growth as artists, and the increase in the number of fans coming out to see them.   And because this post is a celebration of a “first”, we wanted to re-visit our first opinions of Another Life Spared written in some of the first Rose’s Damned Opinion posts.

ANOTHER LIFE SPARED (from November 21, 2011)

We saw Another Life Spared when they shared the stage with An Effigy Distorted at the Haven this week. We are so excited about this band….don’t even know where to start! We are actually going to put this opinion on hold for the next blog and go listen to them a few more times…….


ANOTHER LIFE SPARED ( follow up post on November 29, 2011)

As promised, Rose has been listening to more of Another Life Spared. Their tracks “Flatline” and “Dirty Girl” are testament , that while still new and in need of a touch more confidence and power, Jennifer Perez’ melodic and almost haunting voice blends with the primitive growling of Will Hayes vocals in a most intriguing and dark way. Check out their facebook or MySpace pages to hear what we’re talking about.

According to the band’s bio, Another Life Spared was formed in 2010 and has seen several changes in members since their birth. From this listener’s perspective, the current line up of six works so well together that the band will soon be leaving their own unique imprint on the music world.

……………. Another Life Spared is a band on the rise. We need to encourage them to come on over to Orlando more often, and when they do… sure to go see them.


If you are reading this post and have not yet checked out Another Life Spared… DO IT, Do it NOW!  Check them out on Facebook and catch their next show.  We are confident there will be many more  triumphant firsts from this incredibly awesome band!


We have to send a big thank you to Jennifer for being among the first artists to read and comment on Rose’s Damned Opinion.  This has been super encouraging and has really meant alot to us.

Wildman and the Saints and Sinners of NOLA

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 JB Brock’s Wildman Entertainment put on a killer show at The Brass Mug in Tampa on Saturday, July 20th.  It seems that JB is EVERYWHERE these days, and rightfully so.  He’s quickly establishing Wildman Entertainment as a force to be reckoned with in the local music scene.  And with lineups like this show at The Brass Mug…. we can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve  for the next show!    A few pics of the madness: 




It was great hanging out with Genesis Angel of the Reclaimed Strings Project, and meeting the team from Predator Patrol.  These are two organizations that if you don’t know about…. you need to learn about them and what they are doing for our community.  You can check out Reclaimed Strings Project at or the Reclaimed Strings Project facebook page.  More information on Predator Patrol can be found on facebook at Judy Predator Patrol’s page.

Hope to see a ton of people at The Haven on Friday, July 27th for this show with Vital Pain, F.I.L.T.H., and (N)Ception!  


The first time we passed through New Orleans was nearly a decade ago,  and we were mystified.   This is a place  where powerful energies emanate from a few hundred years of extreme ecstacy and agony.  A city that embraces both the saintly and the wicked.

The second time through, we were horrified. It was only a few short months after a rueful wench by the name of Katrina made her infamous visit.   The city was still in mourning.


This time, the time was right.  We visited on a week when none of the decadent festivals that New Orleans is so famous for were taking place.  A time when we could experience the true flavor of the city precariously built on swamp land in a basin far below sea level.  The love these people have for the music, food, architecture, and history of their city is infectious.  There is truly an unyielding spirit here; a proven will to survive and flourish stronger than the forces of nature itself.

Our favorite moments in Big Easy….

*Discovering a Peaches Record Store!  Yes, there is still a Peaches in existence.  That wonderful vortex of vinyl and nostalgic t-shirts! The perfect crossroads where Goatwhore and Louis Armstrong harmoniously co-exist.  The manager and her sons were awesome to talk with.  We learned much about the local musicians and their struggles to sustain their craft.  

*All of the street musicians.  The curators of Jazz in all its glory.


*Sneaky Pete’s;  a 24-h0ur hole in the wall bar with the best damn bartender ever…(for remembering our drink and our name through thick and thin, and hundreds of  other patrons throughout the week).  We asked how it is that one can remember the name and drink of a customer they’ve just met and may never see again…. his simple answer “I’m a bartender, what else have I got to do.”   Cheers to you, Victor!

*Touring The Cities of the Dead;  best scenic walks and history lessons  


*Of course, the Jazz, Gumbo, Jambalaya, the Jazz, Beignets, Hurricanes…. and did we mention the Jazz?…

We welcome any opportunity to return to New Orleans…hopefully in the very near future.


Cinco de Mayo…Part I, with special feature: *Interview with T.J. Thompson*

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We are completely convinced the best place you could have been on Cinco de Mayo was The Haven, where there was a killer line up of gigantic proportions.  Too much to say for just one post.  So, this is officially Cinco de Mayo…Part I.

 (So, why are we celebrating a war victory from a zillion years ago in Mexico?   Who cares! It’s a good enough reason to party!).

The night started with three of our favorite Orlando bands; An Effigy Distorted, From Within, and Another Life Spared.  All of whom kicked it squarely in the ass and got the celebration off the ground.

We managed to snag An Effigy Distorted’s set list from the stage so we could recap their set here; which was Ghost, Audible Colors, Roadhouse, Crimson, Victims, and wrapping up with Coronation.   Ahem….hey guys, it would be awesome to have an EP….just sayin’.

While we look forward to a recording, new music, and more shows from An Effigy Distorted, we have had the good fortune to get this interview with the phenominal T.J. Thompson.  

How long have you been playing?

“I’ve been playing guitar for about 9 and a half years now and the band has been playing together for almost 2 years now.”


Was there one specific moment in your life when you picked up a guitar, and said “this is what I’m going to do with my life”?
I wouldn’t say it was one specific moment, it was more of a series of events that made me want to do it.”

Who would you give credit as your most important influences?
Steve Vai, The Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Enfold Darkness, Protest The Hero, All Shall Perish, Whitechapel, The Wonder Years, and horror movies.”

How did An Effigy Distorted come together, and when?
AED formed back in the summer of 2010, it was created from the ashes of an older band that Patrick, Bayliss, and I were in. At the time, we were playing a somewhat progressive rock and Patrick said that our hearts would always be in metal. Well, he was right, cause here we are now.”

Do you remember the band’s first show?
I remember it like it was yesterday.  We showed up late, the input on my Dean was going out so I had to play my Epiphone, I didn’t even have time to tune it so I was a half step out of tune. My knees and hands were shaking horribly, something I still suffer from to this day, and I didn’t even start headbanging or moving around until about our fourth song.”

The band has grown tremendously since its birth.  What would you say have been the biggest milestones for the band?
Playing Club Firestone was definitely a huge milestone for the bands, so was our show at The Social. I still believe that our biggest milestone is the fact that we’re still together after all this time, we fight and argue a lot but we’re like a family, they’re my brothers.”   

AED by Bo Bradshaw

AED by Bo Bradshaw

Are there any turning points or obstacles that you have personally had to conquer to become the musician you are today?    Other than having to overcome stage fright, no.”

How much of the band’s original music / lyrics do you write?
When Jeremy was in the band, I only got to write my lead parts and a few rhythm parts, nothing drastic though.  Now that we have Rafe, I write a lot more of the material. As for lyrics, I help Patrick out when he asks for help but nothing big. The most I have written was for “Audible Colors,” I helped write the chorus and the final verse.”

What’s the creative process for an AED song?  What inspires you guys the most?
Usually Rafe or I toss a guitar riff out there and we build off of it. I write a lot after watching horror movies, like our newest song, I had written some of it after watching the prequel to The Thing.”

Where would you like to see the band in the next few months?  In the next year?
In the next few months, I would like to see us play in front of larger and more unfamiliar audiences. In the next year, I would like to see us with a demo and hopefully a Florida tour.”

Give us some awesome, little-known facts about T.J. ……..
H.P. Lovecraft is my favorite author, I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter series, I love horror films and novels, especially sci-fi horror, anything with aliens in it is the best (ex. The Alien films, Predator, The Thing).”


How do you feel Rose can best help get the word out about your band?
Well, her blog is perfect since the internet is an awesome asset for promotion, but, word of mouth is the still the best way to spread the word about something.”

What would you like to see included on Rose’s blog / website?
 “More pictures and videos would definitely be awesome to see included on the website.”

THANK YOU for  your time and allowing us the opportunity to learn more about you.

No problem, thank you for interviewing me, it means a lot.”


We also had a chance to chat with Alex Berger about new developments From Within.  Alex told us that the band has a potential new vocalist who has been auditioning with them recently.  Plans are still on for a new recording.  And there’s a possible summer  tour in the works, which could include Mayhem Fest.  To help get From Within’s a place amidst all the Mayhem…..go to the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest site, and tag From Within.   

We also got to talk with Jennifer Perez and the guys from Another Life Spared!  It’s been awhile since we’ve seen them, but  this band is always amazing, and were no different on this night.  Another Life Spared’s got a big show in Melbourne next weekend, where they will  once again join forces Meka Nism, as well as Murderfly, LoveJuice, Blame the Tyrant, and Who Was I.  Friday, May 18th will be the perfect night to go to the show at the County Line, and maybe wake up at the beach (or somewhere) in the morning! 


So, in closing this post we say look out for Part II of our opinion on Cinco de Mayo, where you’ll find Lit Up, Team Cybergeist, Meka Nism, and I Will Break Thee.  Rose is also getting geared up for Spooky Empire’s May-Hem.  The insanity begins on March 25th and rampages through the weekend on International Drive.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get a particularly ghoulish chat with George VanOrsdel of the Family Ghouls and Q&A host for Spooky Empire.  George will definitely get us in the mood for the festivities……


Team Cybergeist and The Last Cinco de Mayo?

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Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of the small Mexican army’s defeat over the big, bad French army at Pueblo in 1862.  No, it isn’t Mexico’s Indenpendence Day….there were more battles to follow this one whereby the French were again victorious.  And while Cinco de Mayo is not actually that important in Mexico, it is widely celebrated here in the U.S.  And why not?  The Mexican immigrants brought us another reason to party!  American drinking establishments and their patrons are becoming more and more seriously attached to this rather obscure holiday…..kinda like St. Patrick’s Day.  Though we are not all Irish nor Catholic….we all love this St. Patrick dude.  (So hey, why don’t we make Columbus Day or the Canadian Boxing Day official party days too?….. just a thought)

So, with this being the dreaded 2012, with the end of all things predicted by some for December 21st; will this be our last Cinco de Mayo?  Our last chance to consume mass quantities of cervesa, tequila, and tacos?

Well, the Mayan calendar remains a bit of a mystery; but, here is what we have found on the subject….The Mayan civilization, which reached its height from 300 A.D. to 900 A.D., had a talent for astronomy and advanced mathematics.  They created what many have called the most accurate calendar in the world, which does indicate the end of an era on December 21, 2012; but does not specifically site this date as the end of the world. The truth is we don’t really know what the Mayans had in mind for this date.

Rose had the awesome opportunity to visit the ruins of the Mayan city of Tulum in January of this foreboding year.  And we have to say that standing in this ancient city overlooking an incredibly beautiful view of the sea, we felt only a sense of renewal, not devestation. 


So, in honor of  what might be our last Cinco de Mayo ever, Rose recommends that we celebrate like we’ve never celebrated before (we would say “like it’s 1999” but that’s a long time ago, and it’s already been done).  We expect to see everyone at The Haven for a bad ass show even the Mayans would’ve added another date on their calendar for.  Team Cybergeist – Angel Bartolotta, Meka Nism, Lit Up, Another Life Spared, I Will Break Thee, An Effigy Distorted, and From Within…. Be there! 

Do use your head and be wise about it…May 6th could be a real bitch if you’re not careful!  So happy Cinco de Mayo!  Be at peace, be with family, friends and the music you love.  We’ll just have to wait another seven months to see if the Mayan calendar readers know what the hell they’re talking about.

Random Acts of Bawdiness

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As her readers can tell Rose loves history…. well what do you expect, we’ve been around forever…, it’s only natural that an old soul like ours would be as drawn to a Renaissance Fair as we are to old churches and cemetaries.  Granted a Renaissance Fair is a lot less about serious, and a lot more about fun than churches and cemetaries….but nonetheless steeped in historical (and hysterical) not quite accurate fact. 

This brings us to a field in Tampa, Florida near the MOSI (art museum) on a recent February afternoon where the jousters were jousting, the queen was being queenly, the pirates were plundering, lots of sharp and shiny swords were all around, and the Bawdy Boys were singing us from one pub to the next.

The Tournament of Fools was our first activity, where we participated as the back up for a brawling leech breeder named Pipsi.  Huzzah!  The tournament was much like life itself…..a bunch of players fighting to make it to the top of the heap, only to lose it all in the most ridiculous ways and prove what fools they really are.

Then like a pack of rats following the pied piper, we followed the Bawdy Boys on a pub crawl.  Although we laughed and drank and sang the afternoon away, the boys never really gave their names, nor could we find a complete bio on them…(hmmm are they men of mystery?) or maybe we just can’t remember.   It is obvious that this group of very talented gentlemen are proud of their Detroit Irish heritage.  And rightfully so!  The vocals were magnificent (a cappella isn’t easy), and the songs were humorous, yet clear, crisp, and close to their celtic roots.  We do insist that you check out the Bawdy Boys at,  MySpace or YouTube.  

While you may think that Irish drinking ballads have nothing to do with metal….we emphatically beg to differ!  Firstly, we all have a love for music and a good party in common….(enough said).  And many a ballsy metal band give a nod to their celtic or folk roots.  Have a listen to Eluveitie and Suidakra.  And to Jonathan Davis (Korn)… we raise our glasses in a toast to your bag pipes, good sir!

In hopes that we will see the Bawdy Boys again before they leave Florida this year, or as soon as they return in the next….. Sláinte!

Back (home) at The Haven

We can’t help but feel at home at The Haven.  Maybe it’s the no nonsense, no frills layout of the little place; and you’ve got the cool lady at the door, the nearly ground level easily accessible stage, the sound booth nostagically plastered with all the band stickers, a centrally located bar with good drinks at a decent price, a couple of pool tables, and good parking; or maybe it’s just because EVERYBODY plays there.  If your band hasn’t played The Haven, you need to.  

On February 23rd, we were once again at The Haven with An Effigy Distorted, Still We Rise, and From Within.  We were so excited about this show, and were not one bit let down by it.  Don’t know what happened to the other bands that were on the schedule, but the three bands who were there, definitely kicked enough ass to equal half a dozen others.

An Effigy Distorted – we know, we know, we keep blogging about this band. But, they’ve become like our favorite reality show and we just can’t stop watching.  Every time we see them, the set list is just about the same, but they always toss something a little different into it.  Maybe it’s Rafe rockin’ the Mohawk this week, or Bayliss going nuts, or some slight imperfection that sounds like it belongs there…there’s a charisma here that draws you in and keeps you waiting to see what’s next.  It’s good to see Anthony rise up from behind the drum kit now and then during their set…..yes, let the people see who’s creating all that thunder.  There are definitely awesome things in the near future from this band.  Hopefully, an EP… we can listen to Audible Colors, Roadhouse, and maybe My Asshole Guitarist on our way to work and school.  Check-out An Effigy Distorted’s Coronation (Instrumental version) here:  And definitely, come out to the next show.

Still We Rise – Yes!  A new addition to our favorite local band list! This was our first time seeing Still We Rise, a very impressive alternative / metal band.  With solid music and strong vocals; the lyrics are thoughtfully written and well executed.  This is a really ambitious group of guys who seem to play all over the place.  They will be back at The Haven on March 22nd and again on April 9th.  We also heard that they are working on their first EP…look forward to hearing more about this soon.

From Within – Oh yeah, the wait was definitely worth it!   We have been paying attention to this band for awhile, but had only seen them once before and had really been looking forward to this show.  Colby, Alex, Danny, Josh and Jonathan delivered.  “For What it’s Worth” is just seriously awesome.  For a band tha’s only been in existence just under two years, they are quickly becoming a powerful presence in the local music scene; From Within has been ranked in the Top 12 Orlando bands by WJRR and has shared the stage with bands like Trivium and In Flames.  Check out their interview at  And can we just say……we love From Within!  See you again soon….. 

Shows Rose Wants to See (and you should too)

March 3, 2012: Motivated By Silence, Entity, Straight Line Stitch, I Will BreakThee, Heroes Will Fall, The Avaita Concept, at Bombshells

March 3, 2012: Iced Earth, Symphony X, Warbringer MOVED from the House of Blues TO THE BEACHAM

March 4, 2012: Dropkick Murphys at The House of Blues  

March 17, 2012: at the State Theatre in Tampa – Metal Alliance Tour featuring Devildriver, THE FACELESS, Job For A Cowboy, Dying Fetus, 3 Inches Of Blood, and Impending Doom

March 23, 2012: An Effigy Distorted…. Somewhere in Cocoa with Another Life Spared…will let you know where as soon as we do!

March 24, 2012: Scytherium, Fields of Glass, In the After, Modus Operandi at The Haven

March 30, 3012: The Spring Mutila Tour at The Haven…. From Within,  White Arms of Athena, A Night at the Chalet, Worlds Within Us, Entity, Labrynth

April 14, 2012: Earth Day Birthday 19 at Tinker Field in Orlando, FL

May 5, 2012: Team Cybergeist Cinco de Mayo!  I Will Break Thee, Lit Up, Another Life Spared, An Effigy Distorted

Until next time…..

November 29, 2011

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In the aftermath of Thanksgiving, we’ve decided to reflect for a moment on this most honorable, yet hypocritical holiday. This writer would much prefer a discussion on the post-Halloween rotting pumpkin corpses on the front porch or the ritual New Year’s burning of the Christmas tree in the backyard…..but alas, it is the week after Thanksgiving…..and this is my two cents worth of bullshit on the subject:

Rose did not partake in the annual gorging on too much food and drink, and laying about watching football, mindlessly proclaiming her “thanks” for all the things she’s acquired in this life. Instead, we worked and watched people, and thought about all this sappy, pre-meditated thankfulness.

The original holiday was a celebration of abundant harvest and harmonious relationship between two newly introduced cultures. Awwww……such a nice idea. Ironically, the lovely dinner party would be followed by three centuries of forced submission and near extinction of the indigenous peoples at the hands of the imposing foreigners they once hosted.

Thus proving two things; (1) We are all inherently part good and part evil, and (2) There is nothing tangible that can not be lost or taken away from us.

There are many light hours and many dark hours in each life. What we should be thankful for is that we have these hours at all, to collect our experiences and acquire memories. These are the things that can not be taken away from us.

Wherever it is that we all go from this dimension, I’m sure it’s not going to matter how much stuff we owned, how much money we made, or how important a title we held. In complete agreement with Cory Taylor’s words , “Because in the end, everything we do, is just everything we’ve done”.

And I believe that we will be held accountable……..


(by the way, love this band’s name and logo artwork)

As promised, Rose has been listening to more of Another Life Spared. Their tracks “Flatline” and “Dirty Girl” are testament , that while still new and in need of a touch more confidence and power, Jennifer Perez’ melodic and almost haunting voice blends with the primitive growling of Will Hayes vocals in a most intriguing and dark way. Check out their facebook or MySpace pages to hear what I’m talking about.

According to the band’s bio, Another Life Spared was formed in 2010 and has seen several changes in members since their birth. From this listener’s perspective, the current line up of six works so well together that the band will soon be leaving their own unique imprint on the music world.

If I were to liken them to any other group, I would say it would be The Agonist. Granted this Canadian band has been around a few more years and has had time to mature, but Another Life Spared is a band on the rise. We need to encourage them to come on over to Orlando more often, and when they do… sure to go see them.

After discovering Another Life Spared….we have continued on the path of listening to bands that include a strong female lead. Check out my next blog for comments on a few of  the ladies triumphantly holding their ground in a music scene dominated by the boys…..


Children of Bodom – Relentless Reckless Forever

Revocation – Chaos of Forms

SHOWS THAT ROSE WANTS TO SEE….. (and you should too)

December 1st – Mastadon and Red Fang at the House of Blues

December 2nd – Orlando Metal Awards at The Haven

Also  December 2nd – Staind and Seether at the House of Blues

December 4th – White Chapel and The Devil Wears Prada at the House of Blues

Also December 4th – A Brilliant Lie at Will’s Pub

December 9th – Orlando Metal Awards at The Haven

December 10th – Motivated by Silence at The Haven

Hoping that the bands out there will feel free to post their upcoming dates and locations…….We can’t know where everyone is  playing without your help!




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