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On the Way to More Mayhem!

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 We must admit that we are quite disappointed with ourselves for walking in near the end of Ornimental’s set at The Haven. Damn it, late again!  Danny was exploding into an outrageous solo as we walked toward the door, and by the time we said hi to Sandy and got wristbanded, we were intrigued with Ornimental’s style.  Ornimental has been around only a few years, but are obviously kindrid spirits with the masters of metal who have gone before them.  Since the show we have downloaded their videos and studied their website (learned that they recently shared the stage with Sid Wilson…now you know I’m hooked)  Check them out at

Hell yea!  Born From Ashes, a band we have been excited to see for quite some time now.  A week earlier, I stopped a guy wearing a BFA shirt to ask his opinion.  He said he had seen them live once, and was “ready to kill to see them again”.  We don’t know if that guy made it to the Haven this week; if not, it was definitely his loss.  Listen up for Native Noise to be playing more BFA.  With their new album in post production phase, we should expect to have a copy in our cold little hands very soon.

Next up was (N)ception.   This was the first time we’ve seen this relatively new band….and we have to say that Snowflake, Raziel, Chamo, The Juice, and Nikka absolutely blew us away.   You can definitely hear some very familiar influences in the vocals and music (a little Soulfly with a dash of Korn in your Slipknot, anyone?) (N)ception blends some of the most awesome groove metal/nu metal on the planet (and our personal favorites), with their own definitive and unique style.  They create a constant and thunderous commotion as they tear up the stage.  We truly can not wait to hear more when they return to The Haven with F.I.L.T.H. on July 27th.

Traverser, Soul Switch, and Eye Empire will require a Part II to this blog…. Just sayin’ that they are so incredibly awesome that this page just won’t hold them all, so we will promise to return to them in a post in the near future.

Rose’s next stop….. Mayhem Fest in Tampa!  Couldn’t be more excited to see Slipknot AGAIN…. not even sure how many times it’s been. 

(Geez, how many Slipknot references have we already made in  this post?)  Once upon a time we went to a much smaller venue to see Fear Factory, and unholy hell, they opened for Slipknot! (or was it the other way around?)  In any case, that was our first live Slipknot experience quite a few years ago and we’ve been dedicated every since.   We just can’t get over the power they have on stage.  And you can’t  go wrong with Slayer, Motorhead, Anthrax, As I Lay Dying, and White Chapel rounding out the show.

 We’ve got some great memories of Mayhem Fest’s past.  We will never be able to hear Machine Head’s “Locust” without suffering a bit of post traumatic stress from the final show of the 2011 tour in West Palm Beach.  There’s nothing more envigorating, and scary as hell, than standing in an open field with thousands of your metal head family, surrounded by chain link fences and facing a stack of amps and electrical shit; while the gods of the skies are throwing spears of lightening at our drenched asses.  As we stood there nearly drowned, our cell phones and cameras soaked….hardly anyone ran for cover, we stood our ground against mother nature’s wicked little outburst as Machine Head finished their set.

This year, it’s Friday the 13th…. so who knows what could happen…..


If you’re going to the show, be sure to catch all the bands on the smaller stage and visit the vendor booths, (yes, even the ones that don’t sell alcohol).  And absolutely stop to say hello to Genesis and learn more about the Reclaimed Strings Project.  We all need to check out RSP and support those who are supporting our local artists and the music that is our common bond.  You can also find Reclaimed Strings Project on Facebook;

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