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12-21-12 … the end of it all?

Posted in Music and Life with tags , on December 20, 2012 by rosesopinion

We thought we should get at least one more opinion in before it’s too late. 

2012 began with a visit to the Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico.  It was an incredibly humbling experience, rivaled only by the experiences of standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, the highest peak in the Adirondack mountains, and staring at the stars on the open Sea.  (Obviously, not done all at the same time!)  Tulum is one of those places where you realize how tiny and insignificant you are.  And yet like each little stitch in a quilt, everybody holds a piece of it together.  You get an overwhelming sense of calm there, knowing that all of the trivial things people spend their lives trying to obtain…. really don’t mean shit.

 53068499-shaman03-tm[1]There are Mayan people still very much alive and well, some still practice the rituals of their ancestors and live their lives much the same way,  (yes, yes, including the blood sacrifices – except they say it’s chicken blood nowadays).  The Mayans were a great society, and judging by the few descendants that we met…they’re pretty cool people.  As a culture they are very aware of the mind, body, spirit connections and natural/supernatural influences all around us.  Their ancient civilization was every bit as lusty and materialistic, as spiritual and intellectual as people are now.  The human species has always been a mass of contradictions and always will be.

The Mayans were awesome mathematicians and astronomers and actually used several calendars. The Mayan long calendar is what this end of  the world theory was based on by some New  CartoonAge religion guy that wrote a book in 1987.  I am not sure why this dude interpreted 12-21-12 as the end of the world, but the Mayans really never said that.  What their calendar predicts is that the world is entering a new age… like a doorway into a more enlightened existence.  If it takes mass destruction by some random meteor or some other mega force to do it; then, so be it.  There’s really nothing we can do except be proud to have lead one hell of a life while we were here… happy to have loved and treated people as decently as we could … in hopes to see everybody again on the other side.  (Bet there’s gonna be one hell of a party over there!)

Mexico 2012 139 Granted, at the rate we are destroying the Mother (Earth), humans will surely bring about their own demise.  We just don’t think it’s going to happen this week.  Karma doesn’t play that way…she will take us all out completely by surprise… definitely not when everybody is expecting it.  We prefer to hope that in this new era people will smarten up and become more aware of the stuff that really matters.  Maybe we can shift our focus from the greed that drives our world right now to paying more attention to the actual people and creatures that inhabit it.  We hope that in this new age, little kids will be able to go to school, bible class, daycare, or wherever, without fear of being shot or molested.  Maybe we will learn to respect our elders (learn from our past) and care about our children (nurture the future).  Maybe we will learn to appreciate that all living beings are important (yep, even those bastard red ants that are invading my front yard right now).


To hell with the politics of it all… people should have more respect for each other… maybe then not as many would go psycho on us.     (Does anybody hear John Lennon right there…  “Imagine all the people….” okay, okay, enough already.)

Wishing everyone an awesome 12-21-12!  Try to be wherever it is you really want to be, with the people you most want to be with… just in case.


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