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A Wildman’s Halloween at The Brass Mug

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Wildman Entertainment brought together the perfect blend of scary and “bad mutha fucker”  bands  to usher in the holiday season on October 6th at Tampa’s Brass Mug.  JB does Metal Halloween right with;  Murderfly, An Effigy Distorted, Path to Prevail, Creatures of Habit, and Faethom.

0000 MURDERFLY 0000

          Without question, Murderfly are some of the most badass guys around…. and there was no exception on this night.  They never fail to deliver  great sounds whenever we see them play.  Murderfly is the perfect driving to work, get ready for whatever the day’s about to throw at you music.  By the time you get there, you feel good and strong and got your “don’t even think about fuckin’ with me attitude” in place.

We hope Bo will forgive us for borrowing this from his post  yesterday;  “I am and always have been surrounded by so many people, but i’ve always been, and still am very much alone. Perhaps that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Fate and destiny… Please deliver me where I belong, regardless of how many mental and physical scars I bare. My passion is strong. I’ll block out the pain, and the path will remain the same.” ~Bo Dinkins

When we read this, and the number of responses it received, we were inspired to think about what it is that drives us to keep on the path that we all ultimately walk alone.  We believe the momentum comes from those brief moments when our parallel paths are bridged by a shared emotional experience.   The honesty and angst in Murderfly’s music is one of those bridges.  If you’ve lived any life at all, you can relate to Murderfly’s in-your-face music and message.

Looking forward to the forthcoming documentary film “Bare These Scars” and a lot more music from Murderfly.             


Yep.  Definitely loved the masks and spooky decor.  Not sure I want to know what it took to get TJ to flaunt the short-shorts… While the look was quite different, the outfit did not hinder TJ’s masterful guitar riffs in the least.  An Effigy Distorted delivered their set with all of the enthusiasm that has built them a loyal fan base in the Orlando area.  Their followers can always count on them coming to the party ready to rock.  



We feel like we’ve been missing something tremendous here for a really long time!  This band was originally established in 2005, and yet this is the first time we’ve seen an entire Path To Prevail set!  And speaking of paths (as we were earlier) Path To Prevail’s founder certainly stays on course.  In reading the band’s bio, we’ve learned that the band has gone through manychanges over the years; so many that Erich is actually the only original member.  With the band’s current line-up, we think Erich has prevailed at building a phenominal band with an impressive resume of shows and bands they have shared the stage with.   Listening to “Pioneer the Apocalypse” while writing this post.  We are most affected by the intense blast-beats, unforgettable guitar riffs (the kind that stay in your head for days) and Dave Marfitt’s vocals.  In their live set, the band has incredible command of the stage and their audience.                     


 Note to self…. GET a copy of Creatures of Habit’s new EP!  This self-titled EP flaunts some gruesome cover art wrapped around some awesome music.   Creatures of Habit is; John Filippazzo  – guitar; Andrew Glut – guitar; Jordan Jensen – drums; Michael Palmer – vocals; Patrick Dunwoody – bass.  Being the horror fan that we are, the creepy lead-in for each song is obviously quite to our liking.  Each of the four songs opens slowly like you’re creeping into something really evil…. then you are attacked by and incredible kick-ass onslaught of music.  We will keep an eye for the next Creatures of Habit show…..

0000  FAETHOM 0000

“The grim tale of FAETHOM begins in the ghoul-infested town of Cochabamba, Bolivia. On one cold and dreary day, David Diacrono,  a Metal Warrior with a heart of ice,” ……… and now you must visit the Faethom website at, to read the rest of the bands intro.

It’s been over a week since this ghoulish show and we are still absorbing all that Faethom has to offer.   This is a band that we had only heard about until this show, and now we are completely possessed by the delicious darkness of their music.  Faethom creates some of the best blackened metal these ears have heard, showcased in a most successfully executed concept album.

To totally appreciate the works of Faethom, get your bloody hands on a copy of  “In the Name of the Father, The Son, and The Unholy”.  Listen though it the first few times and absorb the music…. David’s brutally thrashing guitar ….Muriela’s diabolical keyboards…. Federico, Hermes, and Fabian pulling it all together perfectly in one hellacious explosion.   Then follow Victor’s ill-fated journey from his lonely home to the brink of Hell and back.  This is an amazingly well written story, full of well-rounded characters, all condensed into 16 tracks.   The music is constantly dark and demonic, Muriela’s vocals range from a most impressive death growl to bawdy burlesque queen to an opera tenor.  There’s a lot of  quality drama here, accompanied by just the right dose of humor. 

Encyclopaedia Metallum lists Faethom as Blackened Heavy Metal / Progressive with Horror themes.  We list them as the band we’d most like to see with a full-scale theatrical production to play out the story of their LP.  Check out the official You Tube video for “THE LETTER”

Definitely not a band for the faint of heart, but absolutely a band for Rose.

0000 CHEERS TO THE MUG!  0000

For the record, we really like the Brass Mug’s atmosphere.  Cheers to Heather and her crew for their continued efforts to improve the “mug”.  Heather has  plans to further enhance the stage and add a green room for the bands to chill in.  The Brass Mug is most certainly one of the anchor venues for the Tampa Bay Metal scene.  We plan to visit as often as possible.


It’s our favorite season, with lots to do.  Rose will be out and about for Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend, October 25-27, 2012.  This is a weekend not to be missed.  Green Goblin Project and The Vaudvillians return to the convention this year.  And we are so excited that HUMAN FACTORS LAB will be playing on Saturday night at 10:00pm!  If that’s not enough… Twiggy Ramirez will be the d.j. for the party on Friday night.  Check out the Spooky Empire Ultimate Horror Weekend website for more information:    There are so many Halloween festivities over the next two weeks, we wish we could clone ourselves about 10 times so we can keep up.



The Solstice and A Long Hot Summer

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A few weeks have passed since Spooky Empire’s May-Hem (Ms. Rose has been unfortunately preoccupied and hasn’t had a decent moment to blog)  We just wanted to say thank you to Petey, George, Deena, Andy and the entire Spooky Empire crew.  It was a great weekend to hang out with old friends and meet some new ones. We definitely look forward to October!

We have been quiet in  recent weeks past, laying low, nose to the grindstone and preparing for the celebration of the Summer Solstice and the balls-to-the-wall weeks of June and July to follow.   In Norse or Anglo-Saxon, the word “Lithe” means longest day, also referred to as “Midsummer’s Day” or the Summer Solstice. If you live in the far North, then you look forward to this day of the year and the promise of the summer days ahead.  The eldest of Rose’s offspring was born on the Solstice, and the summer child was indeed a ray of light that gave meaning and reason to a young life that could have otherwise gone terribly wrong.          

While romantically described in Shakespeare’ s “A Midsummer Nights Dream” as a time of marriage and fertility, most pagan peoples celebrate the day in honor of the rejuvenating powers of the Sun.  At 6:06 a.m. on June 21st, the longest day of the year began.  Whether it’s Stonehendge, Tulum, Denmark, or wherever you may be in the Northern Hemisphere…. we wish you all the healing energies the Solstice can bring.


While it is incredibly late to do so, we MUST mention the Industrial Alliance Show at The Haven earlier this month. 
Michael De Sade opened with a good solid set of industrial appetizers …..leading the way for Fields of Glass to take the stage.  The Fields of Glass legion grows stronger.  The crowd who waited in more reserved anticipation just a few shows ago, have taken to fervent participation in the music,  interacting with Fenris and the band throughout their set.

Human Factors Lab has been described as the darkest of the dark industrial bands, and we would agree.   There is a brutal stage presence with the grinders and sparks providing a potent bit of theatrics.  “The Art of Suicide”, “As the Church Bell Chimes”, “We All Fall Down” imbedded themselves in the MP3 in my head, and played non-stop in my memory for days after the show.

 MissFit Toys were the perfect finale for the night.  Check out their “Puzzle Pieces” Video

From the June 30th Alternative Show at the House of Blues, with our good friend Tara and A Brilliant Lie….to Mayhem Fest…. a quick visit to New Orleans….and the Summer Slaughter Tour, there is so much going on in the next six weeks that our calendar is about to hemorrage.  We will do our best to keep up, keep out there, and keep giving our damned opinion… (whether you like it, or not).


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ith our head still buzzing and our ears still ringing, this week’s offering will be more about where we were and who we heard this past weekend.  Probably, a welcome departure from our usual cynical commentary.

Camden Cruz Entertainment produced a killer Florida Metal Showcase at The Social on Friday the 13th.  While The Social is small, too dark and smokey, (enough with the fog machines aleady!), this club is still a comfy little cave richly embedded in downtown Orlando history.  The drinks are decent, and the bartenders most congenial.  

 This was the first downtown show headlined by An Effigy Distorted.   By the way, happy anniversary you guys!  This band has come a long way since January 2010.  Bass player, Topsy Kret has literally come out of the shadows and now attacks the stage with an insane energy.  The whole band exudes a new confidence, rightfully combined with their awesome original music.  They tore up the stage at The Social, debuting their new song “Roadhouse”.   Looking forward to an EP release party soon……

 Arriving late as always, we missed From Empires to Ashes who opened FMS VII.  But, I’m certain we will catch up with them in the near future.  We were happily introduced to the music of Catcher and the Rye and Wake Up Atlantic. 

 The guys from Catcher and the Rye are full of amazing amounts of raw energy and some really good tunes.  While Wake Up Atlantic is a good solid kick-ass band.  Should see more of both in upcoming shows. 

On Saturday night, we were invited to the House of Blues for a return engagement of LoveJuice, and our friends from SoulSwitch; with Amberlin and NuEra.  (Thanks SupaDave and Crash!)  In all honesty, we were initially resistant to a band with deep connection to a major radio station; but, in support of our friends we go to see LoveJuice again.   And just like the New Year’s party  SupaDave, Crash, Sir Chad, Sir Jeff, Jason and Mitch deliver a good time with their self-described brand of  “southern beach rock”.  

 And the reason for the season – SoulSwitch’s release of  their new “As It Seems”.  While they played favorites “Control” and “Possession”  from their 2008 EP, the new CD is good, really good. It’s still in my CD player….. and I’m still listening.

The upcoming show at 321 Local in Cocoa on February 4th, with SoulSwitch and Another Life Spared plus a bunch of other local bands should prove to be a great night.  We’re gonna do our best to make it out to Cocoa for that one! 


 Just Another Rose Opinion on life …. (alright, I had to throw some kind of opinion in here this week) This one is about an interesting  incident that Rose is trying  to forget;  her recent witnessing of a cotillion, or debutante ball.   Of course, Rose was not on the guest list.  She was only the lowly shadow creeping about the fringes of the ballroom.  

The dictionary definition of “debutante” is:  “a young woman of upper-class background who is presented to society, usually at a formal ball, or a young woman regarded as upper class, wealthy and of a  frivolous, snobbish social set”.

We have to be honest here, with all its pomp and circumstance, this debutante cotillion was the single most boring event EVER witnessed.  Good lord….where’s the band already!?!? 

Really? Who comes up with this crap And how dare the “frivolous, snobbish social set” think themselves better than those of us who prefer to lurk around in the dark? The gift wrapped bat under my Christmas tree made much more sense ……. At least my  preserved bat, pays homage to the life of a truly interesting and beautiful creature. 


 News for you Spooky Empire fans  (Oh come on, you know you’re out there!) 

Spooky Empire’s May-Hem weekend will be May 27-29, 2012 at the Wyndham Orlando.  And, The Ultimate Horror Weekend will take place at the Hilton Orlando October 28–29, 2012.  If you’ve never been to one of these flat out, party-your-ass-off -weekends, are a fan of all things horror, and some really good music…..check out their website.  For all of Rose’s not quite dead friends, I’m sure  “the zombie walk” will still take place on I-Drive to kick off the ultimate horror weekend as it always has in years past.

Shows Rose wants to see  (and of course, you should too)

January 22, 2012  –  A Brilliant Lie at Back Booth, Orlando

January 27, 2012 – Spawn of Thirteen at OCSA, Kissimmee

February 4, 2012 – SoulSwitch and Another Life Spared at Local 321 in Cocoa

February 10, 2012 – An Effigy Distorted, Wirethrone,  and a ton of other bands for Florida Metal Showcase VI at the Brass Mug in Tampa

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